False Reporting works (TLDR)

So, if someone false reports you, you get a penalty in the end... I.e. I'm new with Riven, and i want to learn how to play her, thus i'm a bad Riven player because i'm still new, so i lock Riven top, dunno much about her, so i picked basic top masteries, teleport, recomended items etc, and all fine, **i'm Mastery lvl 2 with Riven, vs a Renekton mastery lvl 7 ** who counters Riven, eats me alive, in the end i was 2/14/2, I got reported for feeding, yes i did feed Renekton but NOT intentionally (aka the whole point of that report option), i died under the turret a few times, wanted to bait him since i can't 1v1 him, so i can stun him with my 2 pixels of AOE stun, missed ofcourse, and some players in my team started with those famouse ''OMG, RIVEN, REPORT'' and the usually stuff , and the funny thing is, they said to me to play defensive, even if they didn't see how/when i died (under the turret, a few times), and got reported for feeding... ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- Instead of making a fancy honor system to make everyone feel even more cocky, Riot should make a better report system so everyone flames less and abouses the system less, with harsher penalties... And a better /mute all option, for a reminder or something, because a lot of people won't mute their own team, even if they are 99% of the time toxic (at least EUNE, dunno about other regions) And /mute all in champion select... ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- I don't mind that, because i don't do that, don't wanna sound cocky but i'm not a toxic player, I even main support because i like support, i don't care about pride and to ''be the best'', i just like to help out and get the win, i never AFK as in rage quit, only if my net is having problems, or Riot servers are making random DCs like with those past few days, i never feed INTENTIONALLY, i never insult someone, call them names, idiots etc, tell them ''%%%'' and that stuff... I tend to mute my team, because that's how ironic this TEAM game is, you need to mute your team, and ironicly i had better chat talks with the enemy team, ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- It's hard for me to get tilted, becaus this is ONLY A GAME, but if i'm trying to have fun (in a video GAME), and not playing it serious, i get reported for griefing (for some reason), i may not get tilted so often, but even i have a bad day once in a while, and instead of my team helping me, they flame, instead of ganking me, they flame... And it's ''my fault'' then, it's my fault that i got matched with someone who's a lvl 7 Renetkon... I like LoL and Riot, but i don't like the people who play LoL, and they make me not wanna play LoL
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