Odyssey PSA: You should cooperate with your team

Help others do their damn missions. Most people who play Odyssey Onslaught want to do their missions. Today practically all people who I met wanted to go for the 2 augment mission. Yet for whatever reason, some salty individuals want to ruin this for everyone and go multiple augments, refuse to surrender and keep playing a losing game to waste everyones time, because those who want to do the mission refuse to play. It's like kindergarten. And even if you haven't the specific mission yet, if you can do it while also helping others, then just do the mission for the others. I myself need to do the 3 augment mission, but still play with only 2 augments because that is what everyone wants. If we win I beat my mission plus the others beat theirs. Also I just had a game where 2 people needed to deal damage to get the extra agment slot. They took multiple augments, thus screwed me and the 2 others in my team over. The other two obviously went afk as the 2 "damage dealers" refused to surrender and kept playing a losing game, just to screw us over and waste our time. It's so god damn annoying. If they would've went 2 augments, everyone would've happy: The ones with the 2 augments mission would've beaten their mission and the "damage dealers" still would've dealt damage. Also those individuals claim "go search a premade". Though I already ditched 3 groups. if I notice I can't win with a certain team or strategy, then i ditch the group and try to find another way to win. Fun thing was, we 3 were a premade group already, but the 2 "damage dealers" still refused to cooperate. So please, just cooperate and don't be an ass. Also just surrender if you don't want to play a certain way.
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