Hello, Question is how to deal with troll players ? I was in my promo to higher division, and we got matched with premades Fizz and Miss fortune. Fun fact, fizz was building TANK [banshee veil, sunfire cape], cuz team don't have tanks and he blames us that kennen don't build tank. He goes solo against his midlane opponent Diana and dies, and blames me [jungler] because I don't gank his lane... :/ Ok wait ??? He's going solo under enemy tower blames me... Amazing. Moreover his premade friend Miss Fortune kept trolling at bot, can't even farm... End game with 70Creeps at 23mins as ADC :/ So my question is HOW TO DEAL WITH THESE PLAYERS ? Reports do nothing... They always appear in my game... I certain 100% that they saw my promo series and my friends in lolnexus... """ Next time maybe I need troll when someones promo ? :/ """[Sarcasm]

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