**This is what i have written when to Riot support on ticket. Opinions?** _Its okay i have already uninstalled this cancer game ^.^ it was really messing up with my mental health and i just cant stand no longer this cancer and %%%%%%ness that this game brings to my life. It was nice 6years of playing this game, but i just cant. I would love to see all of you Rioters dead._ _And not only you Rioters, i mean, you probably didn't do anything that wrong - besides making Cancer rules and punishing only victim. I mostly hate players, that ruin other people their game, flame, throw on purpose, always complain, play like total garbages and YET they go unpunished, but those, like me, that try to teach them, flame them to push and push them to do better, get in the end punished. Like its such a cancer and even tho in those 6 years i have spent over 1500~€ on my multiple accounts on this game, I truly do regret it. I wish i would have never downloaded this game when i was 15. Its such a cock hardcore %%%%%%ed piece of shit cancer and it deserves to be deleted from all peoples computers. I can't even explain what a bullshit game this is. Or maybe, let me correct myself. The game itself might be okay, but the community, the cancerness and mental issues that this game brings, oh mamma. And for rioters to make so much money and literally do nothing, even worsen it for victims like me, i just can't even. So, thank you for mine 6 years, im never getting them back. Farewell and good luck in your life._ Please be Kind to me, those are mine feelings. BTW: Will keep you updated with what Riot at ticket replied when he/she does. _For over 5 years now, I've been playing multiplayer competitive games and one thing that I've seen is that there's no perfect community, especially when it comes to mobas or shooters. It's not the game or the company that's at fault, it's just our nature. We've always thrived to be better than our rivals, even better than our friends and as soon as we lose, instead of learning from that experience and accept the defeat, we prefer to deny everything and blame the loss on whatever we can. This doesn't happen only in games, it happens everywhere. I know that games like League are very frustrating at times and in the end, they become addictive and even worse, they can have an impact on your character so I always advise players that if they think it's best for them, to simply quit playing the game. Your well being and the well being of others around you is more important than anything else. What I can say is that even though you might not see someone punished today or tomorrow or even next month, it doesn't mean we ignore them. Everyone is treated the same and rules apply to all players. Hope you at least had some fun while playing League and in case you will ever decide to return, you are always welcomed!_ THIS IS WHAT HE ANSWERED, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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