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In this picture as you see .. ,there is a leona who had support role , played jungle , a thresh who just miss every hook , and most of all , i had a jungler who had 9 kills ,but only 9 k damage as leona ,and again he was flaming me , so what the hell i should enjoy when i play this game ranked ?? , i don't play to waste my time with trollers constantly , is just first game of the day and i already seen 3 toxic people .. ,and some kind of troll plays.... we had thresh support leona jungle , even if it wasn't her role caitlyn adc zoe mid laner , who even step into fiddle ultimate ,after i ping her with 20 seconds more early to retreat and that there is fiddlestick ,and he also been visibile that he ultimate on mid... , what ever this game just full of trollers and riot can't do anything for normal players as us... , we just have to suffer everyone else behaviour , and just be chill /calm when lossing games because of f1241 up behaviour in this game , and also if we get angry or something , we will just turn into being punished for being angry and saying anything no mather of how low toxicity it is , you just get punished for it ... So likely i am forced to %%%%ing stay an%%%%tch how everyone trolls , i have no right to 325463 say anything , and i 214345 have to do my own data base to see if riot actually do something and take action against people like those... In same time , riot lies about the fact that if you report someone will get banned , as well as they leave people to pass and don't be banned for trolling in any kind of behaviour form , and this isn't acceptable ... , so if you can't provide us the confidence of 100% that you ban every troller/toxic player , procced to let us know who get banned and not ... , is not alright to protect flamers/trollers and give us no information about who you banned or not , so if we would have them names , we would just do a data base with names of toxic players who been trolling/toxic and haven't got banned yet , is clearly stupid to don't know if your system does apply rules to everyone you reported or not... I one answered in front of rules ,and been punished , so i one would like to know that every kind of behaviour is 100% punished if the rules are broken , that's what i am asking here , because if i answered in front of your ifs for low negative behaviour inappropriate thinghs , i want to be sure that everyone !!! EVERYONE who broke rules answer in front of your reporting system and no one will escape from it , no want you to ban people who troll throught manually reports , i want your system to do it's job , and work on detecting people who actually grief/troll in any kind of behaviour... Is not much i ask , if i answered for any tiny issue in my behaviour , then i am really consider that everyone who trolls/grief/toxic should be automatly checked by riot , and not just leaved to stay in game and do what ever he want.

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