another post about the same thing MATCH MAKING!!!

Do yourself a favour riot and fix your damn match making why am i being matched with unranked and irons when im bronze 3, why am i being matched with constant afkers, trolls, and inters ???? worst SEASON EVER"!!!!! Edited: done nothing but lose 3 matches in a row now because your matching me with unranked and iron 4s?? what the hell is up with this?? why are you matching me with people who simply have no idea how to play you really need to change the rules about ranked fed up of losing lp now because of people not knowing how to play GO BACK TO DRAFT AND LEARN YOUR CHAMP LET ALONE HOW TO LANE OR JUNGLE!!!!. Riot seriously fix this shit or i will stop playing whats the point???. UPDATE Just got demoted to bronze %%%%ing 4 %%%% you riot if this shit carries on i will stop playing this bullshit game your ok making new skins and broken events and quests and cant be bothered to fix your damn game dont care about the player base at all anymore do you. Take my words wisely i will stop wasting my time and money on this bollocks game. 4TH %%%%ING LOSS!!!!! 5TH %%%%ING LOSS!!!!!
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