Singed proxy farming should be banned

14 day ban because playing Nunu Support with Smite is "stealing other people's roles"...?
Hello, I am Take the Draw, I'm a Nunu one trick pony. I'm almost always listed as the #1 Nunu in NA on various champion skill sites, I ended Season 4 in Challenger (rank 176), and after a 2 year break, I peaked this season at Diamond 1 75 LP.
OK, due to recent Riot bans to {{champion:20}} smite support, I also find {{champion:27}} top proxy farming toxic. He is most likely going to get caugh at least 4-5 times while doing that, the opposing laner is going to chase him/ping missing all the time. Pretty much the while game is going to be unfun for 9 people except trolly derpy Singed. I don't know how Riot allows this.
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