My whole just stopped playing the game and collectively refused to surrender

I just had a very difficult ARAM games where we were full Melee and played against Veigar, Lux, Shaco and Chogath. Regardless to say, it was not fun to play in the slightest. But instead of trying or surrendering, both would have been fine, my entire just started standing on the map and spamming laugh and dance what frustated me so much to the point I wanted to quit the game since you cannot mute laugh spam (one thing you could fix btw). To further rub salt in the wound, my team then also mocked me when I complaint. It was absolutely terrible and one of the worst games I have ever had in this game. Of course I submitted reports after the game, but is there any chance Riot will actually act on this. I am aware Riot checks reports with an algorithm and manually. And if these don't do these regularly, what is probably the case, there will most likely no penalty. I am not writing this post to change to get them banned, even though I wouldn't be against it, but more to blow off some steam because this game really hit hard.
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