I tested Riots ban system: HOW TO GET BANNED WITHOUT ANY FLAME

Today I had a chat here on boars about yet another player complaining about their ban. The talk was about getting unjust ban, so I thought I might just test the system and use "offensive" language in a way that is in no way actually meant as an offense. Thread where we discussed this: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/Pv6Pt8x8-perma-banned So I jumped on my second account, and played JUST TWO games and I asked for reports in both of them. In both I explained, that my goal is to get ban to see, that you can get it super easily. Than I followed with a list of facts in the chat. So here is what I wrote: Game 1 In-Game 420noscope111: hi 420noscope111: fun fact: 420noscope111: %%% til dig 420noscope111: means kisses to you in danish 420noscope111: fun fact 2: 420noscope111: neck yourself 420noscope111: means hang yourself in aussie slang 420noscope111: fun fact number 3: 420noscope111: kokot means exactly the same in czech as cock in english 420noscope111: both meanings 420noscope111: not so fun fact 4: 420noscope111: my fathers company went bankrupt after his colleague died of cancer 420noscope111: gj 420noscope111: yo guys, im testing the riots ban system 420noscope111: can you report me after the game? 420noscope111: im dead serious Post-Game 420noscope111: can you report me please? 420noscope111: seriously 420noscope111: im testing how trigger hapopy the ban system is 420noscope111: pretty pretty please 420noscope111: thanks :) 420noscope111: i said %%%, cancer, cock, and other things 420noscope111: all out of context 420noscope111: can get me banned 420noscope111: want to shove it in ritos throat Proof of ban: https://imgur.com/a/rHGbdTh So what do you think? I didn't flame anybody I made few jokes/ fun facts (k-y-s is kiss in danish, aussie slang) I talked about the hardness of life (cancer) Is this trully deserving of a ban? Should context of said words matter? Express your thoughts in a poll if you wish Thanks to the enemy Syndra that confirmed that she reported me, and allowed me to show you this. PS: I'm not a crybaby trying to appeal a ban, more like the exact opposite: I'm trying to show riot, that their system isn't working well, and that some bans are undeserved. So what do you think about this ban? EDIT1: Got first reply from player support: https://imgur.com/a/52tZ3Ym They apparently didn't even read the message, since i clearly stated I'm not trying to appeal the ban, I just want to hear their oppinion, yet their answer was, they might not revert the ban -.-
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