how i got ban for no any flame hmm ? riot

Hey riot whats up its me again yea yea i get ban for nothing again xd yeaaay just kidding guys what the hell are you guys doing i do not do any flame and reportable think at chat and why i get ban for nothing ? can someone answer me it? its my chat log Game 1 LeastWeasly: report for nothing in urf LeastWeasly: am i say okay ? LeastWeasly: fizz muted LeastWeasly: report fizz and mundo LeastWeasly: for flame LeastWeasly: they flaming LeastWeasly: what ? LeastWeasly: is it normal game or ranked ? LeastWeasly: its urf childs LeastWeasly: so LeastWeasly: report me please for nothing <3 LeastWeasly: its not troll LeastWeasly: İts helpful :) LeastWeasly: its not reportable LeastWeasly: its not greifing :D LeastWeasly: this is their choice LeastWeasly: they can go away from me :D LeastWeasly: NASUS LeastWeasly: PLEASE LeastWeasly: JUST REPORT ME LeastWeasly: SHUT UP AND PLAY YOUR GAME ? LeastWeasly: really you guys cant understand LeastWeasly: me LeastWeasly: ^^ LeastWeasly: Dude LeastWeasly: why you want talk ? LeastWeasly: just play your game LeastWeasly: its not your problem :) LeastWeasly: report nasus for flame :) LeastWeasly: when you swear somebody LeastWeasly: you did flame ^^ LeastWeasly: i read rules LeastWeasly: :) LeastWeasly: theese rules say you can do everything at game but you cant do anything to players LeastWeasly: meh sorry for bad english i am german LeastWeasly: ok LeastWeasly: but report nasus for flame <3 LeastWeasly: Gp LeastWeasly: when you use bad words at game LeastWeasly: you can get ban <3 LeastWeasly: but i never swear somebody and i never get ban LeastWeasly: <3 LeastWeasly: i am student at uni :) LeastWeasly: maybe your moms crying for this LeastWeasly: nope LeastWeasly: nasus LeastWeasly: dude why you talking with me ? LeastWeasly: when you talk with me you can get triggred LeastWeasly: :) LeastWeasly: because i am prof at how speak somebody LeastWeasly: With no bad word :) LeastWeasly: ekko LeastWeasly: i am not student at english languague LeastWeasly: i am history student LeastWeasly: so when you guys have brain LeastWeasly: you guys can know who reportable <3 LeastWeasly: so nasus LeastWeasly: report me but u can know i never get ban :) Game 2 LeastWeasly: xd LeastWeasly: evelyn is cancer LeastWeasly: i am garen at urf LeastWeasly: what do you want i do xd LeastWeasly: so cancer LeastWeasly: i do not go for swear LeastWeasly: tryn LeastWeasly: are u crying at urf ? LeastWeasly: DONT SAY ABOUT ME ANYTHİNG LeastWeasly: WHEN YOU DONT WANT ANY TALK LeastWeasly: STPD LeastWeasly: for what ? LeastWeasly: PLEASE LeastWeasly: YOU GUYS SWEARİNG ME LeastWeasly: what LeastWeasly: nothing about they LeastWeasly: no swear no feed LeastWeasly: but you feed me with they LeastWeasly: xd LeastWeasly: stop talking okay LeastWeasly: just stop LeastWeasly: i dont want laugh LeastWeasly: what LeastWeasly: they say me it LeastWeasly: be afk LeastWeasly: and they reporting me for nothing .D LeastWeasly: they report me for flame and abuse LeastWeasly: but they did it LeastWeasly: XD LeastWeasly: what LeastWeasly: why LeastWeasly: rengar reported for flame LeastWeasly: :/ LeastWeasly: why in this match everybody child LeastWeasly: so is it your problem ? LeastWeasly: yaay lets report garen for nothing <3 LeastWeasly: i love you guys LeastWeasly: 4 9 cho LeastWeasly: 4 9 cho LeastWeasly: hmm LeastWeasly: 1 7 garen LeastWeasly: you die more than me LeastWeasly: xd LeastWeasly: fizz LeastWeasly: he swear to me LeastWeasly: is it true ? LeastWeasly: so i am not afk LeastWeasly: i am in base <3 LeastWeasly: why i answer childrens questions idk LeastWeasly: ONLY REPORT ME OK ? HOW İ GOT BAN FROM İT ? THEY SWEARİNG MY EVERY FAMİLY MEMBER AND İ JUST SAYİNG ''OKAY DUDE JUST REPORT ME <3'' AND WHEN THEY DO İT FOR NOTHİNG İ GOT BAN WELL PLAY RİOT WELL PLAY !!
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