Blaming is normal, being punished for it won't make it not normal because it will still happen

Even tho the majority of you hate it, and i will probably get downvoted to oblivion. You just can't stop people for blaming you, even if you ban them, you will never get the perfect community that does not blame you for your bad plays or whatever. You can only improve the community by starting not to care about those things. I understand that it is a negative input you receive. No one wants to see their teammates blaming them after they f*ck up, not even me. But I still see it as something normal, it is normal for people to get frustrated when you do something bad that affects them as well. At every single level/skill/elo blaming still happens. Even streamers do it, on a daily basis, they do not type it in chat that much because they have the audience to complain to about what is happening, but it still happens. You shouldn't be like : **OMG I F*CKED UP SO BAD** but then switch the attention on the guy that blamed you for your bad play, no, accept that you f*cked up and get over it, it is normal. Why do you wanna get revenge on someone pointing out the truth ? Accept that sometimes you fail and that people react to your actions because they affect them. Maybe when you guys do that we'll have a slightly better community. Until then be free to get offended by everything and report everything then complain that people still act the way they act since the beginning of this f*cking game when you do not do absolutely anything to become a better player. All you want is to not be blamed for what you do. That is not real life, this game cannot stop reality from getting to you, we as human beings are built to react to those things, it's called cause and effect, search it up, it is a law of nature, you cannot control it, even if Riot tries, even if they ban people, others will just lose their mind and do it, or others will come and do it as well. You will not escape this, ever, only if you close yourself in a room and get no contact to the outside world. Accept the rules of the universe, get stronger, and evolve. Being offended on the internet is for weak people.

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