So i got banned for saying a word for like 14 day is that fair?

Game 1 ihateunoobs: i need ihateunoobs: ping to go down ihateunoobs: ffs ihateunoobs: its impsobile ihateunoobs: better ihateunoobs: how but smth else ihateunoobs: i want your blue ihateunoobs: ezreal ihateunoobs: my ping is down xD ihateunoobs: no ult viktor ihateunoobs: ss ihateunoobs: care ihateunoobs: ez ihateunoobs: can u help me with blue? ihateunoobs: plz ihateunoobs: ty ihateunoobs: u ze best ihateunoobs: u missed ihateunoobs: ult ihateunoobs: nice ihateunoobs: xD flash ihateunoobs: wp ihateunoobs: damn exasut ihateunoobs: strong ihateunoobs: i got eve ihateunoobs: ult ihateunoobs: to escape ihateunoobs: no ult eve ihateunoobs: kill the %%%%% ihateunoobs: kill her ihateunoobs: slow ihateunoobs: omfg %%%%% ihateunoobs: and u %%%%% out ihateunoobs: i was bad there ihateunoobs: ffs ihateunoobs: i shoul,d ihateunoobs: have left ihateunoobs: r ihateunoobs: there ihateunoobs: and runt ihateunoobs: turn with wall ihateunoobs: fffs ihateunoobs: pod ihateunoobs: bro ihateunoobs: get pd ihateunoobs: just u see ihateunoobs: eve ihateunoobs: after nasuss ihateunoobs: gets pd ihateunoobs: u shall see ihateunoobs: omfg ihateunoobs: actulaly thresh carry us so hard this game Xd ihateunoobs: get 3rd shit drake plz :D ihateunoobs: ckea ihateunoobs: finish nassus ihateunoobs: gg wp ihateunoobs: stop my dog ihateunoobs: now eve ihateunoobs: i said stop ihateunoobs: him was a innocent little joke at 1:30 am in the morning and the auto banned me the next second don`t understand how can this be possible i even joked with some ppl on the opposing team and cos i told him to kill the b*** i got banned so fast for only that and that i told him he p****ed out it incredible he has filter anyways if he is a minor who plays at 1:30 am is this for real???
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