System needs improvement *discussion* Rito plz

So I am writing this post for dear Rito mostly but i might as well share it with you... the more attention to this issue the better. I am a casual LoL player i play in silver - gold-ish ELO only normal games i don't even do ranked because that is way too toxic. And that last word is the issue. Toxicity among players is too strong and they ruin games for people who want to play to kill time or whatever reason. In my last 10 games there was at least 6 with a troll or afk player either on my or the enemy's side. People instalocking and saying mid or feed and so on. This issue needs to be addressed more than it is now. the tribunal, the reporting system, anything Rito did so far does not (at least from what i experience) help at all to get rid of these players. I understand that Rito needs a player base to have Revenue, promotion and all those corporate things, since they get the money and publicity largely through creators who play the game like brofresco etc blablabla. Anyway, point be. There is need for harsher punishments, or a revised more strict system to weed out toxic players who ruin game play experience. Edit'': The reason for making this post is that last game there was a lux player who just came in and intentionally fed the enemy team while verbally harrassing our team and saying the usual: 1v1 me later you b.... i will .... you you .......... (i guess no more is needed.) Please share your thoughts about this.
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