How i can be banned calling my team toxic ?

Is this really what league is like u can be banned literally by saying ur team is toxic kids i was playing le blanc first time and got my whole team flaming about me and all thing what i did then i said this and boom 14 days ban ? Game 1 In-Game Rondo w Dźbowie: u have good internet bro i first time le blanc dont mind me Rondo w Dźbowie: jarvan dont ping that u coming if u dont come Rondo w Dźbowie: what Rondo w Dźbowie: i came Rondo w Dźbowie: who bronze zed main plays normal games with his main lmao like wtf true bronze Rondo w Dźbowie: im gold 2 player here learning el blanc against zed main ur bronze 2 player here showing skills with jarvan stfu Rondo w Dźbowie: typical bronze flames lines as jungler what he dont help maybe its ak Rondo w Dźbowie: flaming ksing 38% winrate at bronze wow Rondo w Dźbowie: league is so toxic community these days u cant even learn new champion whole team flame u to ground if u so big boy yuumi why u Rondo w Dźbowie: why i troll because u all flame and u all toxic kids when i playu first time i dont care Rondo w Dźbowie: nasus is only one who can play here jhin and yuumi and jarvan 30% winrate in bronze and all flame i dont enjoy playing with the Rondo w Dźbowie: report u for flame its more bad than troll in league Post-Game Rondo w Dźbowie: flaming Rondo w Dźbowie: is mroe bannable than feeding Rondo w Dźbowie: i know what im talking about Rondo w Dźbowie: u guys reported for flame Rondo w Dźbowie: enjoy ur 20% winrate

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