Suspended for a laughable comments

I wish i could post what i was suspended for, essentially, i call people out for not playing the game right, i dont swear at them, but tell them that they have no impact, no pressure and are doing nothing of value, no dmg etc.. let me be clear, it was not calling someone an idiot, or cancer wishes or anything like that . You look at the LCS and LCK, and they show you how to play the game, and the importance of lane priority, team works, etc.. You then try and apply those fundamentals and your considered toxic for telling people what they are doing wrong . I'm happy for riot to post the content of what gave me a 14 days suspension. Its even worse when you play jungle, because you are responsible for the failures of all 3 lanes. Its your fault that they fail, and when your jungle gets invaded, they dont move, or bother to help you, you tell them off, buts thats not their problem.. You then get told that your not ganking when your miles behind because they dont help you in the jungle when your against rengar, or olaf etc.. then you get banned. When the suspension is over, i'm going to mute my own account, remove the chat key completely and ignore the team. because the risk of communicating is not worth it. I'm not surprised that we have a bot problem as humans are not permitted in this game.
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