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Hello dear League Community, I started this post because I got banned legit for no reason. I was banned before and I was toxic as %%%% before. I stopped playing for a month and then started again so I might stop being annoyed about teammates (even changed my name from NotReforming%%% to Kukulkan) I got honored alot lately and even my honor lvl rose up again. I was perfectly fine and no one seem to have felt bothered. Then Suddenly I had a game with 3 spanish premades in a flex ranked game (dont care if flex still ranked) they spammed the chat in spanish, spampinged me and called me stuff like "Bastard" etc. because I was annoyed about them inting on purpose (as you can see in the linked game they all took tp instead of flash and inted hard) this is my Chatlog I got from the permanent Chat Game restriction: Game 1 Pre-Game Kukulkán: top could you pick for me? Kukulkán: if zed isnt banned? Kukulkán: thanks idiot... Kukulkán: you wanna go ignite against ornn? Kukulkán: learn english pls. Kukulkán: a %%%%%% or %%%%%%ed In-Game Kukulkán: Uhm... Kukulkán: wtf? Kukulkán: no flash but tp? Kukulkán: yea happy and unranked with negative winrates... And I get matched with that... Kukulkán: man if you had flash.... Kukulkán: can you report bot and jgl? all have no flash and tp instead Kukulkán: you e before even hitting them... Kukulkán: They legit troll... Kukulkán: didnt I ping? Kukulkán: right on your lane? Kukulkán: we can ff anyway. Warwick and botlane are inting on purpose Kukulkán: Ive seen their history Kukulkán: no Kukulkán: you saw shaco Kukulkán: you saw lb Kukulkán: you ran in and died Kukulkán: stop pinging me for you %%%%ing up Kukulkán: and reported for verbal abuse Kukulkán: he will kill me in a second Kukulkán: QE Kukulkán: and I had nothing up Kukulkán: yea just report them pls Kukulkán: idc how we both stand Kukulkán: but this 3 are losing this on purpose Kukulkán: Just finish pls. I dont want to keep playing with some intentional feeding guys which insult us in spanish Kukulkán: First game of the day and I never really play Zed Kukulkán: + you counter me Kukulkán: I mean my team just ignores the shaco that used like 3 abbilities Kukulkán: they int Kukulkán: do you get it? Kukulkán: just report them pls. Like I said sry for being mean in Champselect but these guys just deserve it Kukulkán: thank you Kukulkán: good thing I bought Mr LB seems to care alot Kukulkán: gj Kukulkán: blitz makes me cry... He sees Jax killing Shaco and attacks the clone.... Kukulkán: its pretty frustrating getting matched with 3 unranked guys.... Kukulkán: too bad thats not a shutdown again Kukulkán: Why did you even survive 3 Qs and a E? Kukulkán: he and bot are unranked Post-Game Kukulkán: report these guys pls. I asked the Support about it. Their answer: Einen Rumbletastischen guten Tag Kukulkán! Ich habe mir soeben die Chatlogs aller Spieler im Team durchgelesen und übersetzt! Wir schauen uns diese Spieler genauer an. Weiterhin ist zu sagen, dass du bereits, wie mein Kollege es gesagt hat, eine 2 Wöchige Sperre wegen Toxicity erhalten hast. Seitdem hat dich das System genau im Auge, davor wurdest du auch gewarnt! Zu den Wörtern "%%%%%%" und "%%%%%%ed": Diese fallen unter unsere Zero-Tolerance Kategorie. Diese Wörter sollten unter keinen Umständen genannt werden. Weder zitiert noch korrigiert. Wir wollen sie nicht in unserem Spiel haben. Spieler, welche wie in deinem Fall, ein unsportliches Verhalten werden von unserem System bestraft. Dies kann mal schneller und mal langsamer geschehen. Sie werden aber bestraft! Ganz sicher! Es tut mir leid, allerdings sind mir in deinem Fall die Hände gebunden. Ich wünsche dir für alles Weitere viel Erfolg! Riot Games Support Mech-Master Apparently they still do the same shit as they did with the "%%%" where everybody got randomly banned even after just quoting it. ( remember people write it in champselect because they are told so otherwise others int? Was a big thing half a year ago) This German answer said: We have a zero tolerance policy for these words no matter if you use or quote them. I mean wtf. I corrected his grammar. I even apologized later in the game as you can see in my chatlog. Riot never said anything about this zero tolerance policy and now %%%%s me over for it? Did anyone of you ever get banned or restricted for that word? I mean zero tolerance means INSTA restriction just like hatespeech. So I cant be the only one. Do you honestly think I deserve a ban on a account that I played for 3 seasons now after starting to reform? This ban wont help me reform. It only makes me hate riot. I really cant understand how someone can tolerate racial slurs and whatsover but not the word %%%%%% (WHICH I DIDNT EVEN USE AGAINST SOMEONE) And the Support said that ONLY the word "%%%%%% or %%%%%%ed" got me banned. They never mentioned the part where I asked the enemy to report them (which I dont see as toxic since I am just asking someone to report shitty behaviour like inting and insulting in a ranked game) Say what you want I got banned because 3 pres reported me and the LeBlanc because she thought it was funny (she mocked me the whole game for no reason) The Jax (the guy I called idiot and apologized too) even honored me. So apparently only the 3 pres could cause a ban. Thats sad. I tried my best to keep calm I even muted them (the last half of the Chatlog was in allchat or with the jax which also was annoyed as %%%% about them. He didnt get it that they did it on purpose) Riot doesnt care for reforming I guess.
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