thank you riot

i play too many years i spend so many hour on this game and lot of money ... yes im toxic player becuase the bad community in this game all trolls all want to be the carry and ruin the game no follow the rules and troll becuase is just a normal game ... they report me becuase i say report the troll and they report me for toxic player ok i take ban and this trollers stay and troll more games thank you riot for this happy games ! i have so many times hanny games with this trolers ruin the game and still need to be happy becuase is game ? NO the game is to play if they troll i cant play and i range yes because is not FUNNY if they troll and ruin the damn game if check my account i have spend so many freaking hours on this game fix the community do somthing for this trolls and i stop be toxic they report me for toxic becuase i say REPORT THE TROLL and its seems that im the bad guy ok riot and if i report them no nothing hapent just report me and ban me becuase i want a better game play with good community and just all they want ruin the game .... and they do it in the ranks matches ruin the ranks and cant play flame and mpla mpla mpla i wish one day fix ur community
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