Riot wont waste time to read my ticket.

my account was compromised without my knowledge, couple of days later i was banned for using 3rd party programs. I have been playing league of legends since season 1, i spend more than 4 hours daily on the game.. I have send riot couple of tickets but they always reply with negativity that i am accused of using scripts. After i have send them this message " Greetings, For the 3rd time i am telling you i did not use any script. I got hacked. I did not use any script. So you mean that you support hacking? Because hackers can get away with hacking and banning innocent users accounts. what can we do to protect our selves if our game company does not support us and have our back? i can provide IP's or any evidence to prove it was not me and i was hacked" they replied Yesterday at 16:46 Hey Summoner, I am sorry but unfortunately we cannot lift the ban or change the punishment. We have investigated the account thoroughly and did not find enough evidence to prove the account was compromised when the punishment occurred. Scripting or using third party programs to give you an advantage in game is a very serious offense and will not be tolerated therefore we don't give escalating punishments. The perma ban is the only suspension and also irreversible so if you want to keep playing you'll need to create a new account, that's your only option. Thanks for understanding! MiladyGami Player Support Riot Specialist 'A guardian is always prepared.' I can prove that i was hacked! and it was not me who has using the scripts, i can provide them any evidence they ask for because i did not do it. to help the investigation, i have send them all the IP addresses i have used, i am sure that the IP address the hacker used to get banned from he also used to ban many other accounts. It is not fair for legit innocent players to get banned while the scripting hackers are left unharmed roaming around hacking other people and banning their accounts.. Its very sad to see riot games punishing players who have played since season 1 continually . The account i used was "xxabadixx" on euwest server, and i am posting from my main account which is dazzlingdoge, just imagine how much time i spend on league of legends and the money i have spend to support this company, The last reply i have gotten from Riot support was this > Hello, As stated, we consider the matter closed and we won't disclose any more info regarding the suspension as it may compromise future investigations. The decision is final. Regards. "End of the line." I am sorry riot but if you cannot protect your own players from hackers and you ban/punish season 1 innocent players and let the hackers get away with it i am glad to say that this is the worst support i have received my entire life. I am very disappointed. No comment.
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