Permanently suspended for false reports

So i recently got banned for 2 weeks and i looked through my chat logs to see what i did wrong. Obvious answer was toxicity and i found some offensive words towards players and i realised the ban was well deserved. Got unbanned yesterday and bought some rp to buy a couple of skins, went into some normal games to test them out and met a sona which was stealing my farm, all i did to her is tell her to stop , absolutely 0 offensive words, not a single one, she was the one flaming me and calling me bronze and stuff. Here are the logs, already sent a ticket to riot i hope they respond (the parts that you dont understand are probably on my language cause i met an irl friend ingame, no offensive words involved in those sentences aswell) Kivu2001: stop Kivu2001: just report sona for attacking my minions after me saying 5 times not to Kivu2001: ty Kivu2001: OMFG Kivu2001: sala mala Kivu2001: silver si i mainujes vayne Kivu2001: bravo Kivu2001: I DONT Kivu2001: NEED YOUR HELP Kivu2001: SO PLEASE Kivu2001: DONT Kivu2001: HAHAHAAH ACALINJA Kivu2001: JEL ME SPRDAS Kivu2001: AHAHHAHAAHAAHAAH Kivu2001: pa jel moguce Kivu2001: ne flejmujem jebem ti mamu hahaha Kivu2001: sona im begging you Kivu2001: stop touching creeps Kivu2001: ill be op if sona stops touching minions Kivu2001: you gave him 3 kills Kivu2001: PLS Kivu2001: STOP Kivu2001: TOUCHING MINIONS Kivu2001: i dont need youyr help farming Kivu2001: stop touching minions i said Kivu2001: flame? Kivu2001: i said stop touching minions Kivu2001: thats it Kivu2001: and you dont stop Kivu2001: now she said stfu Kivu2001: rather report her Kivu2001: for flaming Kivu2001: and not me Kivu2001: ty Kivu2001: team just report sona Kivu2001: for flaming Kivu2001: and assissting enemy team Kivu2001: PLS Kivu2001: REPORT SONA Kivu2001: FOR STEALING MINIONS Kivu2001: WHEN I SAID NOT TO 5 TIMES Kivu2001: im plat 4 Kivu2001: sorry Kivu2001: close enough Kivu2001: missed it for 20 divisions Kivu2001: bronze? Kivu2001: you can check my acc now Kivu2001: its a normal game Kivu2001: not ranked Kivu2001: riot deleted matchamking for normal games Kivu2001: players are randomly selected Kivu2001: koliko je kerija ovaj lik hahahaa Kivu2001: tako losa vejn Kivu2001: im not talking to you Kivu2001: anyways just report sona for taking my farm Kivu2001: thanks Kivu2001: and flaming too Kivu2001: she steals my farm Kivu2001: pls stop Kivu2001: pls Kivu2001: ma sona me nervira Kivu2001: likusa mi dira farm Kivu2001: im not being toxic Kivu2001: sona is attacking my farm Kivu2001: and i told her to stop Kivu2001: silver 3 Kivu2001: -ez Kivu2001: your elo is ez lol Kivu2001: just report sona for verbal abuse and assissting enemy team Kivu2001: ty Kivu2001: muted now, flamer Kivu2001: noob? Kivu2001: i boosted a guy in your elo like yesterday Kivu2001: arund 30 wins in ar ow Kivu2001: thats how easy it is Kivu2001: you can look up ludex121 its a smurf Kivu2001: of course not Kivu2001: its a smurf Kivu2001: go ahead Kivu2001: 0 evidence Kivu2001: top kek Kivu2001: alt accounts are allowed Kivu2001: sorry :) Kivu2001: when you write a ticket to riot theres an option to tell your alt accounts Kivu2001: which are totally allowed Kivu2001: have fun Kivu2001: read the summoners code Kivu2001: :) Kivu2001: gg Kivu2001: its niot boosting

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