Honor system is unfair

Since if started playing league I havnt gotten a chat restriction, not once. I got 2 in the last months, just me. I was getting flamed and get chat restriction for responding. For writing one insult I get a chat restriction. My honor level has been reset, reset??????? Who thought of this, put me down an honor level or 2 but not reset it. Because it is end of the season, I probably wont get victorious skin. Even though I was trying to be helpfull or kind. For saying a single insult I get my honor level reset. Wow, just wow. IF VICTORIOUS DRAVEN COMES OUT AND IM NOT HONOR 2, I will stop playing this game. Worst, by far WORST part about this, is that THE PLAYERS THAT STARTED FLAMING AND INSULTING MY DIDNT GET CHAT RESTRICTION. Riot, fix your system or gift me the victourios skin this year. I GET I DID SOMETHING WRONG AND I WAS TOXIC BUT I WASNT MORE TOXIC THAN THE OTHER PERSON INVOLVED. I know Im wrong. Punishment is unfair.
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