How can you get suspended chat for this? is this an auto suspension or did a human actually read it?

Game 1 Pre-Game Lothirri: want top? Lothirri: i can jungle kled Post-Game Lothirri: suck to be first pick when the jungler is so passive Lothirri: dont know what you cna do as a top laner, you will get countered and top laner is level two when their jungler is ganking at level 4 Lothirri: what can you do as a first pick? Lothirri: nothing Game 2 Post-Game Lothirri: i do feel bad for botlane actually Lothirri: they played fine Lothirri: but top and mid plays behidn tower Lothirri: and wonders why they dont get ganks Lothirri: and why jungler falls beind Lothirri: they ahve zero priority Lothirri: they dont understand that them being behind the tower means my jungle is not safe Lothirri: they will undertand this when they get to bronse Lothirri: because im done at that point Lothirri: no point to continue when all game mid and top are behind tower Lothirri: cant really do anythingh Lothirri: they are standing behind tower with zero presure Lothirri: and zero priority Lothirri: good luck with the report Lothirri: good luck Lothirri: i think riot will see this and understand who the person that sucks is Lothirri: zero pressure Lothirri: i cant take anything Lothirri: because they have nothing to offer Lothirri: and he builds bramble armor Lothirri: bramble vest against teemo Lothirri: he thought you where ad, and im supposed to gank him? Lothirri: 2 lanes give up entirely and its the junglers fault :) Lothirri: lol Lothirri: his laners had pressure Lothirri: you dont understand this Lothirri: but you will learn Lothirri: his top and mid had roam and pressure Lothirri: and you will learn at some point Game 3 Pre-Game Lothirri: :) Post-Game Lothirri: what a jungler Lothirri: i was ganked 100 times Lothirri: and still he never captialized Lothirri: i think their whole team was camping so hard they set up a tent Lothirri: yet my jungler di dnothing Lothirri: i get camped and still we lose other lanes Lothirri: id ont understand Lothirri: dont understand how i can absorbe so many ganks, and still they lose the other lanes Lothirri: you help? Lothirri: you come to take cs Lothirri: i am nasus Lothirri: and you dont understand when i click you back Lothirri: what more can i do? Lothirri: go away Lothirri: i todl you to not come Lothirri: yet you come to take cs Lothirri: you dont undersand mechanics of nasus Lothirri: yet you claim to be a jungler Lothirri: you did nothing right this game Lothirri: you dont read Lothirri: i tell you dont come Lothirri: and still you go to push my lane Lothirri: you do nothing good this whole game Lothirri: i was ganked 100 times Lothirri: and still you where not able to gank any lane Lothirri: so what wher you doing? Lothirri: the whole game Lothirri: udyr was basicaly camping me with a tent
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