Smurfs should have to link to their main account

I just had a ranked where a MID Soraka went 0 15 intentionally, honestly the enemy team told her where she should come and she did (Quote: Mf: "Soraka I need a few kills come bot") Hell the enemy lb offerd her a SKIN if she'd continue to feed... The point is this guy already told us in champ select hes gonna troll and he wouldnt care about anything cause this was his smurf. Even tho he might have lied about that ( I have no proof he actually was a smurf ) that seems to be a big problem to me. Obviously u dont wanna loose ur smurf but chat restrict on ur smurf - who cares even temporary bans are unimportant just wait and they'll go away while u sill have ur main. Well in my opinion u should therefore have to link ure smurf to ur main and have ur main and smurf taking all ounishments together Note: I want to discuss that this is needed not how realistic it is
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