Thank you Vayne

Just wanted to thank my friend vayne out there coz I didnt get a chance. Thanks alot for trolling in my promos,u picked vayne top which was a bad pick for our comp,since we would had a triple adc in team with kindred,I offered u to go bot but u refused.U said" 1 gank and I 1v5" Our game started well,our lb was 2-0,bot was 2-0 and jungler was 1-0,then u died and wrote"gank top in 1 min or i afk" u got killed the 2nd time and went to farm in enemy jungle and then proceeded to suicide to gragas mid quoting" now gragas in back in game also :D".Our team started to flame u(dont blame them) but we all agreed to stop and focus on the game and give u a chance to play with us and that we try to fix this mess but u just refused even tho we were still nice to u even tho u were going 0-9 and counting.U refused to team up with us even when we got a baron.U continued to split push and kept getting killed and forcing us in a 4v5 fights.Thanks man,thanks alot.Its not even about the promos,I will get in them back,it is about your ego or whatever that forced u to troll and feed even tho we were nice to you and beged you to come and play with us like a team. Just needed to vent out alittle,btw this is the magical diamond/plat elo,and even tho the vayne got 9 reports he is still not punished by the riot system for some reason,bring back the tribunal and save us from these kids. UPDATE!!!!! So happy to see this :D
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