REAL Toxicity isn't punished at all

I just had to play a 60 minute game on my EUNE smurf because a smart ass nasus thought he was a big deal and didn't enjoy people telling him he was useless. The kiddo spent 30+ minutes walking around the jungle stacking and saying we would lose the game and he wanted to teach us not to say mean things because they hurt his poor feellings. We eneded up winning the game but it took 3 barons and 3 elders for that because we just couldnt push against 5 enemies (my team also was too scared to engage but thats irrelevant). I guess he was indeed useless but we're not supposed to say it! My point here is: Does "flame" actually make the game worse for people? You can mute chat, there's an active solution to avoid being flamed if it really makes your experience sooooo bad. Honestly, as long as flaming isnt racial slurs, homophobic slur or any other discriminatory speech it shouldnt really be looked at as the Devil. I'm more than sure that 90% of bans in league of legends are because of their stupid chat rules. Meanwhile, you have people sitting at fountain walking to avoid leaverbuster, guys like this nasus, people inting, griefing and all that bullshit that is what Riot should actually be worried about because 99.99% on league players dont care if someone calls them a reetord but you can be dam%%%%%% no one wants people griefing their games. I really don't know how many times I can say this: Chat doesn't affect gameplay at all. Which one sounds more realistic: "wow he called me a reeetord! No way I'm going to let people offend me on the Interwebs! I'm going to uninstall league right now!" or "Did all I could to win and lost because some guy decided he was going to ruin the game and grief everyone. I'm done with this, it happens way more often than it should in a game that calls itself competitive. Time to delete this game for the sake of my sanity" I mean, even in this game that I won it took me 60 minutes. No one wants to play 60 minute games, they're not fun, they're exhausting. This nasus effectively ruined everyone's game and still got his XP and LPs simply because he didn't close the game. And I could bet my life he wont be punished even though I reported him. But hey! At least people are scared of calling me bad words that will never offend me! PS: One of the things that takes away all motivation to play league is trying your best and losing because someone just didnt feel like playing the game correctly. You can't have a competitive game and make the ranked queue so vulnerable to people not trying to play the game correctly Edit: words got filtered so I "unfiltered" them
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