Riot not banning bots in coop vs ai games?

I'm usually completing my "1st win of the day" in co-op vs ai games just to get it out of the way and noticed bots changed their tactic - instead of just running mid and attacking the nearest target (minion/champion/tower), they now pick any tank-y/bruiser-y champion with smite+heal, buy hunter's potion/cinderhulk jungle item and just spend the whole game on the same jungle route because I guess people don't notice them that much when bots aren't feeding their lanes or just simply afk. Now, I've reported one -jungle Leona- 3 days ago while writing in detail (as much as the limited report space lets me) why I'm sure it's a bot and moved on. Today I had another one of those bots -reksai- and did the same, reported with providing details for why it's clear it's a bot. Out of curiosity I've checked if the last bot I've reported is banned. Aaaaand nope. He's fine, still lvling his account, last game 30 minutes ago. Why aren't you banning bots, riot? And what do we have to do in order for you to notice a bot report, because "3rd party program" thing clearly doesn't work. Edit: and to add to it, there are also bots playing on twisted treeline coop vs ai, usually queuing in pairs, which results in 1v3 co-op vs ai games. Unfortunately I don't even remember their nicks anymore, but last time I checked after few days from reporting, they were still fine while "afk feeding" on TT.

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