I got chat banned, and I learned something very important, here is what:

Hello everyone, First let me introduce myself, I am Wolfbrother, Gold elo jungler on EUNE. Yesterday I played a game where I got jungle but our support decided to troll and take double jungle - Lee sin (in ranked...). In lobby I was polite and didn't say anything cause I know that double jungle can work. Someone on my team said something to him and this guy said that he was going to troll. I was not nervous, I really wanted to play this normally and try to execute double jungle properly...then the game started, we were blue team, I started red with help of my bot lane, we saw heca on his blue so I asked this lee to take his red first and I was really polite! Then it started - he didn't try to win the game by invading heca's jungle, he cleared my jungle only. Ok, I got a bit nervous but nevermind, we can still win... I left some camps up and tried to gank mid from bot side river, he was coming from top side river, but didn't join me and midlaner in fight (enemy mid escaped...) but he went on to raptors which he couldn't kill! He even said in chat that he feeds and steals my jungle cause I am negative, even though I was polite to him in champ select and till that moment Then I lost it! Something strange occured in my mind and I felt like my head is gonna explode, I wrote to him such monstrosities that I am ashamed to see it now, here is my chat log that got me banned: Game 1 Wolfbrother: you troll lee, be useful and take his red Wolfbrother: go on heca's red pls Wolfbrother: LEE, SINCE YOU TROLL WITH DOUBLE JUNGLE INSTEAD OF SUPP, PLS GO HIS RED Wolfbrother: ... Wolfbrother: WHAT ARE YOU DOING Wolfbrother: YOU CAN'T KILL RAPTORS? Wolfbrother: WHAT KIND OF TROLL ARE YOU??? Wolfbrother: fcasdfsdfSAE Wolfbrother: you are the worst troll i have ever seen Wolfbrother: you got support and took double jungle Wolfbrother: and you can't even doi that Wolfbrother: i leave you all the camps Wolfbrother: but you don't help Wolfbrother: and then you int feed heca Wolfbrother: well then f yoiu and your degenric family Wolfbrother: your parents ahould be ashamed Wolfbrother: pls report this lee Wolfbrother: you want THAT in your team? Wolfbrother: LEE WHY DO YOU TAKE MY BLUE? Wolfbrother: ARE YOU SO %%%%%%ED Wolfbrother: are you happy now lee???, you trolled and ruined game for 4 of us Wolfbrother: happy? Wolfbrother: ha, imbecilic bastard of bestial parents Wolfbrother: leave me Wolfbrother: something Wolfbrother: wtf is wrong with you??? Wolfbrother: PLS Wolfbrother: LEAVE ME SOMETHING Wolfbrother: PLS Wolfbrother: MY JUNGLE Wolfbrother: PLS Wolfbrother: PLS IDIOT?? Wolfbrother: PLS Wolfbrother: YOU BASTARD Wolfbrother: I AM TOO NEGATIVE???? Wolfbrother: YOU FAKIN BASTARD Wolfbrother: F YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY Wolfbrother: WHO RAISED YOU TO BE SUCH AN ASSHOLE Wolfbrother: WHY DID WE NOT SURENDER? Wolfbrother: WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU Wolfbrother: next Wolfbrother: surender Wolfbrother: press yes Wolfbrother: JINX Wolfbrother: SURRENDER Wolfbrother: IT IS FUNNY TO YOU? Wolfbrother: i was normal you idiotic mind, i suggested to you to go his red, not our blue, i was polite even though you didn't deserve it y Wolfbrother: then you continued your champ select trolling in game and i cracked Wolfbrother: you bastard Wolfbrother: i said no word Wolfbrother: it was poppy you bastard Wolfbrother: YOU PATHETIC HUMAN BEING Wolfbrother: you are bad in mind Wolfbrother: this behaviour of yours has veeery negatively impacted me Wolfbrother: are you happy now? Wolfbrother: aha, so your parents are obviously total idiots when they allowed such a bastard to behave like that Wolfbrother: you troll other humans Wolfbrother: in video game ...... As you see from chat, I should be account banned for some time for these awful things, thx to my history (no bans prior to this since season 2) I got only chat ban, but let me tell you something: it is the best thing that could happen to me, even when ban expires I will not use chat anymore for anything, pings are just enough! So, my advice is: Do not use chat at all, mute all at the beginning of the game, you can use pings for anything you need out of your teammates in this game! Don't do this because others are trash, bad teammates, holding you down etc...you do this to avoid your own reaction to their trolling or flaming. If I kept my composure this game, I might have won but I lost it and we lost the game! After this game I sent him a friend request, explained to him what he did to me and my game (he thought I raged in champ select - it was poppy...), and I said sorry for those horrific things I wrote, he said sry for what he did and that is it! I don't even want him banned, even though I reported him after game, I just want to help you all to avoid these things happening to you: MUTE ALL and DO NOT USE CHAT! Regards Wolfbrother
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