People using ? pings to flame others - should it be bannable?

Nearly every game we get a person in our team that spams question marks on top of you, if you have made a play that they do not like. They keep on doing this for the rest of the game, eventuallly tilting you and every time you die they spam "is respawning in x amount of seconds" without you being able to mute that persons pings. Throughout my 6 years of playing League Of Legends chat has has always been a way to help out your team as well, but if you abused the chat and used it to flame others, you had the opportunity to mute others. This is however not the case with pings. My question to you lads and girls out there - should you be able to mute pings - and should spamming pings be able to have consequences like ban/unable to use pings for x amount of matches? Have a nice wednesday Kind regards ~ Snowhill
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