Today im perma baned again, more than 100 accounts and counting

Yesterday i recovered my baned account. Today im perma baned again. It was something like my 110th account. I play since season 1, my first 2 accounts were enjoyable, since then, every account after have been a failure, a loop of rage and sadness, and desperation. Today i understand i will never be able to have a serious account again, ill never be able to climb to a league of my same skill becouse the path to achieve that is too harsh, i dont have the mentality to play 100 games as a support, and stand all the feeders, and trolls, and flamers, and afks, and the teams who ignore all calls, and the autofilled adcs, and the metapick first timers, and the afk junglers who refuse to make ganks. But ill create a new account and continue in this hell. Again all alone, all the friends from the past account gona stay in the past, countless of accounts, countless of people, countless oh hopes, countless of tears, and unlimited stupidity.
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