Flaming is abusive, not just statements about the game

Just had a game where the enemy jungler was constantly ganking and took 3 drakes while our Shaco just sat in the jungle doing nothing. So I asked him to come gank bot or increase objective pressure and almost immediately in all chat he started crying about me flaming him. For some reason players seem to think that being asked to help or do their job constitutes to abusive chat. It is effectively like going to work and having your manager ask you to do something and you crying about how abusive he has just been. I wouldn't have minded it I had been abusive but I simply asked if he could gank bot or try to increase objective pressure. And what's even more frustrating is he then started genuinely flaming me having a go and throwing out all the childish insults such as noob etc. So please Riot, make a post informing players about what flaming is, because it is really frustrating to go into a game and have someone accuse you of flaming when all you did was ask them to help out or do their job.
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