Why did i get a chat restriction here if i did not flame anyone?

Only thing i do is that i write a lot but i rarely flame (i dont say things like get cancer or i hope your family dies,or any kind of toxic stuff like that),and i still get chat restricted or banned....chat logs : Game 1 CosmicBladeYisus: has a 67 % karma winrate CosmicBladeYisus: goes nami which she has 40 % win rate with CosmicBladeYisus: excellent CosmicBladeYisus: its marvelous how you can not pick somethign you are doing good with CosmicBladeYisus: i gtg gank other lanes too my man CosmicBladeYisus: wow this kha CosmicBladeYisus: ????? CosmicBladeYisus: i was ganking bot the fk dude CosmicBladeYisus: u think u are the only one to gank CosmicBladeYisus: ?? CosmicBladeYisus: im not even 6 CosmicBladeYisus: ffs CosmicBladeYisus: its not about yas players CosmicBladeYisus: this dude just donest get that i need to farm for myself CosmicBladeYisus: wtfff CosmicBladeYisus: wp CosmicBladeYisus: wp yas CosmicBladeYisus: ok wtf CosmicBladeYisus: wtf lafg CosmicBladeYisus: inst3ead of shuting the %%%% up CosmicBladeYisus: this guy doesnt CosmicBladeYisus: do i take ur farm man? CosmicBladeYisus: yas wtf CosmicBladeYisus: waitt CosmicBladeYisus: she oneshots me? CosmicBladeYisus: oh u are 1/4 CosmicBladeYisus: and intentionally feeding CosmicBladeYisus: ,b CosmicBladeYisus: report him says yas after i died LOLOLOLO CosmicBladeYisus: while he is flaming and being 1/4 lol CosmicBladeYisus: yas"report yi" while he dies 4 times and flames smh CosmicBladeYisus: red then bot gank CosmicBladeYisus: -_- CosmicBladeYisus: wtf CosmicBladeYisus: we cant 2vs1 CosmicBladeYisus: she oneshots bith CosmicBladeYisus: no CosmicBladeYisus: whats wrong with u CosmicBladeYisus: im in promos CosmicBladeYisus: LOL?? CosmicBladeYisus: i died ONCE CosmicBladeYisus: ONC to riven CosmicBladeYisus: "yi lost top singlehandedly" says yas and flames me LOL CosmicBladeYisus: please report yasuo,blaming,intentionally feeding and flaming/toxic CosmicBladeYisus: not sure how my team doesnt respond to that lol... CosmicBladeYisus: im in my promos CosmicBladeYisus: again losing it CosmicBladeYisus: for 5th time CosmicBladeYisus: cuz someone luike him CosmicBladeYisus: 9x yas CosmicBladeYisus: inting CosmicBladeYisus: pls CosmicBladeYisus: yas int feeding and toxic and blaming CosmicBladeYisus: if i did that it would bne 9x yi CosmicBladeYisus: lololo CosmicBladeYisus: i died once to her CosmicBladeYisus: once CosmicBladeYisus: and u 8 times CosmicBladeYisus: how are you so delusional CosmicBladeYisus: what the hell man CosmicBladeYisus: yi fed riven-yi lost top singlehandledly yas yasuo while he flames me and STEALS my jungle lmao CosmicBladeYisus: he is like a 100 times hashinshin CosmicBladeYisus: pls rep him tho CosmicBladeYisus: i dont want to see him anymore in my games CosmicBladeYisus: wow did he do it CosmicBladeYisus: wp CosmicBladeYisus: we can still win this CosmicBladeYisus: yas has late CosmicBladeYisus: just farm and def y0 CosmicBladeYisus: ye CosmicBladeYisus: got infinity :) CosmicBladeYisus: dont fall apart mentally we can still win this fairly easy CosmicBladeYisus: as long as i get some lifesteal and some more crit we kinda won CosmicBladeYisus: #counterplay CosmicBladeYisus: #fedriven CosmicBladeYisus: and toxic CosmicBladeYisus: which is more important CosmicBladeYisus: maybe he had a bad game but was toxic CosmicBladeYisus: w/ever CosmicBladeYisus: unfortunately we cant CosmicBladeYisus: sigh -_- CosmicBladeYisus: never gonna get back to plat 1 CosmicBladeYisus: where i was CosmicBladeYisus: please dont trash talk silver players CosmicBladeYisus: that guys are much better CosmicBladeYisus: yeah .... CosmicBladeYisus: he was 7/1 lol CosmicBladeYisus: until rive oneshots his CosmicBladeYisus: wp CosmicBladeYisus: wp yas CosmicBladeYisus: see that one was rly good CosmicBladeYisus: if we do that more we win ez CosmicBladeYisus: i couldnt run anyways so i tried to oneshot her CosmicBladeYisus: she was to close to me since we were taking turret CosmicBladeYisus: i had no ult to run so i tried to fight CosmicBladeYisus: ult f up CosmicBladeYisus: wtf CosmicBladeYisus: i tried to walk to redemption CosmicBladeYisus: rip CosmicBladeYisus: riven ult no cd?? CosmicBladeYisus: or like what35 sec cd... CosmicBladeYisus: same :D CosmicBladeYisus: flamingothers for his stufdf CosmicBladeYisus: bg wp Game 2 CosmicBladeYisus: this dude also has exhaust..l pls camp top CosmicBladeYisus: after 7 losses in a row i want to win a game plez CosmicBladeYisus: i was plat 1 84 lp game to d5 promos.. dropped and cant climb since then CosmicBladeYisus: rnee no sums CosmicBladeYisus: but top got no sums at all pls help CosmicBladeYisus: gank asap pls so i crush top CosmicBladeYisus: twitch second gank top CosmicBladeYisus: whaqt? CosmicBladeYisus: man calm CosmicBladeYisus: wave pushed up not me CosmicBladeYisus: ss CosmicBladeYisus: rene no exh CosmicBladeYisus: any help top? no exh rene CosmicBladeYisus: twitch 3rd gank CosmicBladeYisus: while elise did nothing top :) CosmicBladeYisus: ahri can u give me some roams pls since elise refuses to gank? CosmicBladeYisus: id need some help please,twitch perma top CosmicBladeYisus: 3 man top :) CosmicBladeYisus: 4th gank boiz while i get no help CosmicBladeYisus: he stunned me? cant escape... no qss uet CosmicBladeYisus: no?? wtf flamer CosmicBladeYisus: elise toxic all game while refusing to gank top,feelsgoodman CosmicBladeYisus: k CosmicBladeYisus: wp CosmicBladeYisus: if that q hit :/ CosmicBladeYisus: happens CosmicBladeYisus: now CosmicBladeYisus: wp CosmicBladeYisus: third drake CosmicBladeYisus: rly good for us CosmicBladeYisus: ignore top CosmicBladeYisus: ok mb -_- CosmicBladeYisus: dang CosmicBladeYisus: gj CosmicBladeYisus: all 5 mid pls CosmicBladeYisus: wtf is their dmg and tankiness omfg CosmicBladeYisus: cuz inghib CosmicBladeYisus: is open?? CosmicBladeYisus: if we ace we end duhh?!@?!?!?! CosmicBladeYisus: why CosmicBladeYisus: if u can ace and nexus CosmicBladeYisus: bot doesnt have open inhib why go bot? CosmicBladeYisus: NO CosmicBladeYisus: WTFFF CosmicBladeYisus: grp up CosmicBladeYisus: coming CosmicBladeYisus: wait mee CosmicBladeYisus: all 5 go together CosmicBladeYisus: focus twitch CosmicBladeYisus: 3 down CosmicBladeYisus: wow ok CosmicBladeYisus: awesome CosmicBladeYisus: got all sums and ult up CosmicBladeYisus: ignore bot CosmicBladeYisus: all 5 grp CosmicBladeYisus: i died in alpha l;mao CosmicBladeYisus: bg wp CosmicBladeYisus: elise how much did she gank top CosmicBladeYisus: oh yeah 0 times.. refusing to cooperate CosmicBladeYisus: not blaming,just saying how it is CosmicBladeYisus: i said pls gank and she said stfu pisskid muted :D CosmicBladeYisus: so toxic and refusing to coopertae yay CosmicBladeYisus: negative CosmicBladeYisus: all 5 grp CosmicBladeYisus: reported CosmicBladeYisus: :) CosmicBladeYisus: all 5 mid please CosmicBladeYisus: yup,toxic and troll bg wp CosmicBladeYisus: if u win idc CosmicBladeYisus: i dont rep CosmicBladeYisus: elise telling me to kms yay CosmicBladeYisus: wait CosmicBladeYisus: is this a thing CosmicBladeYisus: dang CosmicBladeYisus: i need thornmail CosmicBladeYisus: 23 kills twitch dang CosmicBladeYisus: go end CosmicBladeYisus: only rene CosmicBladeYisus: aliver CosmicBladeYisus: only rene CosmicBladeYisus: dont lose 1v1 a1nd win CosmicBladeYisus: 20 sec lucia CosmicBladeYisus: go go go CosmicBladeYisus: focus twitch and win CosmicBladeYisus: elise? CosmicBladeYisus: go CosmicBladeYisus: end CosmicBladeYisus: i got it CosmicBladeYisus: u got it CosmicBladeYisus: go go go go CosmicBladeYisus: ok not reporting CosmicBladeYisus: gg Game 3 CosmicBladeYisus: Da Phuc CosmicBladeYisus: what u doin? CosmicBladeYisus: thresh no sums CosmicBladeYisus: why is my lane pushing wtf CosmicBladeYisus: how is he so OP CosmicBladeYisus: lvl 6 vs lvl 4 the fk CosmicBladeYisus: -_- CosmicBladeYisus: take everything CosmicBladeYisus: i got no tp CosmicBladeYisus: dont push tho CosmicBladeYisus: ok good CosmicBladeYisus: its fine CosmicBladeYisus: ty CosmicBladeYisus: this lane is so hard CosmicBladeYisus: they push CosmicBladeYisus: im vehind in farm anyways -_-0 CosmicBladeYisus: i should have taken ignite -_- CosmicBladeYisus: any ss?? CosmicBladeYisus: next time please ss,ty CosmicBladeYisus: i did lmao CosmicBladeYisus: check that whats wrong with you CosmicBladeYisus: i ssed 4 times exactly CosmicBladeYisus: minimap when nothing is WARDED CosmicBladeYisus: cuz fk logivc CosmicBladeYisus: w/ever CosmicBladeYisus: he can go bot genius CosmicBladeYisus: vi top again leggo CosmicBladeYisus: wtf CosmicBladeYisus: why is ap nasus winning vs syndra CosmicBladeYisus: what do u want/Z??!/ CosmicBladeYisus: u took barrier on syndra CosmicBladeYisus: SS CosmicBladeYisus: and bot is 0/3 CosmicBladeYisus: u %%%%ing genius CosmicBladeYisus: lmao CosmicBladeYisus: and we are useless CosmicBladeYisus: if ur score doesnt lie i think bot is 0/3 i dunno CosmicBladeYisus: nunu is doing best here CosmicBladeYisus: ss top CosmicBladeYisus: ss CosmicBladeYisus: one auto attack CosmicBladeYisus: how come they always survive with no hp -_- CosmicBladeYisus: u come to top just to take cs CosmicBladeYisus: k k CosmicBladeYisus: yi 2 items is also a win CosmicBladeYisus: botrk and rageblade CosmicBladeYisus: i just cant farm cuz j4 2 stronk CosmicBladeYisus: nunu needs red CosmicBladeYisus: gj CosmicBladeYisus: inhi? CosmicBladeYisus: cait wtfd CosmicBladeYisus: free turrwet CosmicBladeYisus: atleast turret if not inhi CosmicBladeYisus: ye CosmicBladeYisus: ss CosmicBladeYisus: wtf dmg lol CosmicBladeYisus: oimfg wtff CosmicBladeYisus: he is ap nasus not tank CosmicBladeYisus: but he still doesnt take any dmg CosmicBladeYisus: i need rageblade asap to do dmg CosmicBladeYisus: %%%%ing luckers CosmicBladeYisus: all the time everyone survives with less than 100 hp CosmicBladeYisus: thresh bot again so shut up lol CosmicBladeYisus: thresh was top too CosmicBladeYisus: he always saves their asses with 100-150 hp CosmicBladeYisus: ??? im not memeing CosmicBladeYisus: he always saves their ass with low amounts of hp CosmicBladeYisus: third time in a row now CosmicBladeYisus: what the %%%% riot CosmicBladeYisus: i wanted to attack j4 not the fkn turret CosmicBladeYisus: i was attacking j4 not the turret CosmicBladeYisus: and not luck but its thresh saving their ass CosmicBladeYisus: fu CosmicBladeYisus: taking my farm so i cant comeback CosmicBladeYisus: so you blame me CosmicBladeYisus: nice.... CosmicBladeYisus: ITS MY LANE CosmicBladeYisus: u mastermind CosmicBladeYisus: the new einstein CosmicBladeYisus: my lane my farm yes CosmicBladeYisus: so after 25 min its not my lane CosmicBladeYisus: antymo CosmicBladeYisus: anymore?? CosmicBladeYisus: and again CosmicBladeYisus: thresh top CosmicBladeYisus: i shoould pop off now CosmicBladeYisus: i do tons of dmg if i get sopme ppel CosmicBladeYisus: help CosmicBladeYisus: def CosmicBladeYisus: fast -_- CosmicBladeYisus: worth CosmicBladeYisus: wp CosmicBladeYisus: good work CosmicBladeYisus: by the laws of physichs im gonna pop off again CosmicBladeYisus: ghost ult up CosmicBladeYisus: plez peel me i do tons of dmg CosmicBladeYisus: ghost ult up CosmicBladeYisus: the fk?? CosmicBladeYisus: i should have flashed before -_- CosmicBladeYisus: flashed a second too late CosmicBladeYisus: nunu needs a nerf lol CosmicBladeYisus: op champeroni CosmicBladeYisus: i was in alpha CosmicBladeYisus: but ok.... CosmicBladeYisus: one single nasus e deals 750 dmg lol CosmicBladeYisus: i mean even if it was correct i wouldnt survive ofc but its still bullshit CosmicBladeYisus: but i died in alpha :( CosmicBladeYisus: all 5 mid CosmicBladeYisus: just peel me pls CosmicBladeYisus: ghost ult up all 5 mid pls CosmicBladeYisus: i need some lulu help CosmicBladeYisus: lulu pls peel me CosmicBladeYisus: i beg u CosmicBladeYisus: ghost ult up CosmicBladeYisus: WTF CosmicBladeYisus: all sums and ult up CosmicBladeYisus: i can solo CosmicBladeYisus: nashor CosmicBladeYisus: or duo CosmicBladeYisus: 2 dead CosmicBladeYisus: googo CosmicBladeYisus: out of range to aalpha -_- CosmicBladeYisus: 100 gold for gunblade CosmicBladeYisus: lulu pls try to peel me CosmicBladeYisus: i got tons of dmg unless i get cced ofc CosmicBladeYisus: wp CosmicBladeYisus: gg wp CosmicBladeYisus: nice job team
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