why is riot fu %%%%%%ed?

riot really suspended me because i did stand up for myself hahaha. 4 premades did harass me and were toxic all game and said the most stupid things, i write that they %%%%%%ed and that they are morons what is fact and that they lack brain and social understanding. btw they were going at me all time, for no reason at all. and the best thing is that they didnt get suspended, they even said much worse things hahaha. and they only did copy what i said, but not what they said. so fu riot no league shit for me anymore. btw i was always kind player, never got suspended and i report people all the time for soooo much more worse stuff and they dont get suspended at all, if they were, i would get notification tahts why i know and thats why riot is so much more fu %%%%%%ed. riot really is fu up, oh and i got suspended 5 min later after i got reported???? if you guys are so fast, how can there still be so much stupid people in league, and why did you ignore all the others who attacked me? so my question is, the morons who shit talked me all game, was one of them a staff member and abused this shit or are you from riot really just %%%%%%s like so many say? i mean everyone know that it takes years for you guys to actually act on reports so????? how and why not the ones who shit talked and started it?
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