thanks to cowards, URF will never be fun again, ever

URF when it came out in 2014 was amazing. Endless fights, endless 1V1s, endless madness "we decided to make everyone a playmaker" and gosh darn they did just that but now, its all people hugging turrets at lvl 1, only shooting max range skillshots, never fighting, then at 10minutes group 5 and push mid trying to end like its a ranked game the only fun urf i had in past 5 years was the one in fall that was just now, when all pick was brought back i had to spam master yi, it got boring to play the same champ, BUT URF yi can endlessly dive, at lvl 1, and so on. Its a dumb champ abuse but it was the only way to play URF endlessly dive since these people wont stick their nose out of turret for a second endlessly 1v5 since none of these guys will ever 1v1 it was stupid, it wasnt enjoyable, it was FUN because it was those reckless fights again that URF is all about URF was made as a game mode where "Everyone is a playmaker" but now the mode is "everyone is afk under turrets and shooting out projectiles at minions at 80%cdr" i think that there is absolutely no point for riot to EVER bring back urf again, ever, unless all pick The games are all the same, and its not fun, and it will never be fun, becuase all there is, is cowards who hug turrets the game mode where everyone is a playmaker, does not exist anymore, people dont want to be playmakers, they want to afk lane for 10 minutes and then group mid 5 and rush end One thing that i dont understand is why... or more to say, HOW. How is this fun to people. Be afk under turret, run, shoot Q or something at minions, and at 10 min, all group mid and go end. How is this enjoyable for people, that i will never understand but.... URF is dead
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