Why did i get banned for this?

I was toxic 3 games in one day and one off them i werent even toxic at all. Game 2 ShadowsQLOL: what can i do thre? ShadowsQLOL: lmao ShadowsQLOL: k ShadowsQLOL: lmao ShadowsQLOL: wow my energy goes away fast ShadowsQLOL: i ping ShadowsQLOL: and i didnt know ShadowsQLOL: if he wnet top or bot ShadowsQLOL: lmao ShadowsQLOL: kha lvl 4 ShadowsQLOL: lol ShadowsQLOL: i thought you muted me ShadowsQLOL: k ShadowsQLOL: k ShadowsQLOL: im talking ShadowsQLOL: and mid ShadowsQLOL: is ShadowsQLOL: bad ShadowsQLOL: vi is always fck mid ShadowsQLOL: saving kassa ShadowsQLOL: thats fck tilting ShadowsQLOL: ? ShadowsQLOL: wow ShadowsQLOL: kha ShadowsQLOL: you cant ingnore your problems ShadowsQLOL: it dosent work like that ShadowsQLOL: kha ShadowsQLOL: you havent done shiit ShadowsQLOL: holy nasus stacks ShadowsQLOL: lmao ShadowsQLOL: remember what kha said ShadowsQLOL: at start of game ShadowsQLOL: xD ShadowsQLOL: yes ShadowsQLOL: ward baron ShadowsQLOL: sryt ShadowsQLOL: my dmg ShadowsQLOL: is fck op ShadowsQLOL: baron? ShadowsQLOL: wait me ShadowsQLOL: let them ShadowsQLOL: ward ShadowsQLOL: '/ff ShadowsQLOL: '/ff ShadowsQLOL: gg wop ShadowsQLOL: report kha ShadowsQLOL: Negative Thats what i said in game 2 we ended up winning that game but sill i dont desserve to be banned for that. Here is the other 2 games if you are intrested. Game 1 ShadowsQLOL: EZ fck tard ShadowsQLOL: i %%%% your mother ShadowsQLOL: xD ShadowsQLOL: heeh ShadowsQLOL: love ShadowsQLOL: ww elo? ShadowsQLOL: ww elo? ShadowsQLOL: dont steal my red ShadowsQLOL: %%% ShadowsQLOL: yes ShadowsQLOL: man you blind? ShadowsQLOL: you dont see me ShadowsQLOL: im not stupid ShadowsQLOL: stupid ShadowsQLOL: never steal my red ShadowsQLOL: you got it in your doge heaD? ShadowsQLOL: ty ShadowsQLOL: %%% ShadowsQLOL: never steal my red ShadowsQLOL: doge ShadowsQLOL: will you ever steal anything in my jg again? ShadowsQLOL: ww never steal my red! ShadowsQLOL: ez ShadowsQLOL: fck ez ShadowsQLOL: EZ ShadowsQLOL: ww never ShadowsQLOL: again ShadowsQLOL: Steal me red ShadowsQLOL: never ShadowsQLOL: ww your bad ShadowsQLOL: you know ShadowsQLOL: never steal a plat players red ShadowsQLOL: EZ ShadowsQLOL: %%% Game 3 ShadowsQLOL: y ShadowsQLOL: mind both ing ShadowsQLOL: cant even farm xD ShadowsQLOL: becuase of gragas ShadowsQLOL: wurf ShadowsQLOL: ¨kappa ShadowsQLOL: lulu when 6? ShadowsQLOL: ss kata ShadowsQLOL: wow xD ShadowsQLOL: ofc hes a teemo player xD ShadowsQLOL: gw! ShadowsQLOL: they cange lane? ShadowsQLOL: were did he go? ShadowsQLOL: free tower mid! ShadowsQLOL: im b ShadowsQLOL: free tower! ShadowsQLOL: i will take it! ShadowsQLOL: k ShadowsQLOL: ohhh ShadowsQLOL: noo! ShadowsQLOL: thats a tilter ShadowsQLOL: zac get z ShadowsQLOL: zz ShadowsQLOL: wowow flame! ShadowsQLOL: *lmao ShadowsQLOL: lulu r!!!! ShadowsQLOL: lulu ShadowsQLOL: r ShadowsQLOL: lulu ShadowsQLOL: you monkey ShadowsQLOL: fck monkey ShadowsQLOL: go back to wooden ShadowsQLOL: 5! ShadowsQLOL: you have fck r ShadowsQLOL: you monkey ShadowsQLOL: what do you mean? ShadowsQLOL: sr ShadowsQLOL: you are fck support ShadowsQLOL: one fck jobb ShadowsQLOL: you cant even do that ShadowsQLOL: you were samall xD ShadowsQLOL: ok then ShadowsQLOL: you know ShadowsQLOL: i could have been there ShadowsQLOL: and killd them all ShadowsQLOL: but lulu ShadowsQLOL: thinks that im small ShadowsQLOL: sry that im not gragas ShadowsQLOL: lmao ShadowsQLOL: we got tower ShadowsQLOL: i carry ShadowsQLOL: this fck team ShadowsQLOL: but you have -iq ShadowsQLOL: k ShadowsQLOL: i wont ShadowsQLOL: i will split ShadowsQLOL: and she says sr again ShadowsQLOL: wow ShadowsQLOL: fck monkeys ShadowsQLOL: just report him ShadowsQLOL: wow ShadowsQLOL: zav ShadowsQLOL: gj ShadowsQLOL: save yourself by killing me ShadowsQLOL: thats a monkey ShadowsQLOL: fck monkey ShadowsQLOL: you just came from the zoo?= ShadowsQLOL: i can see that ShadowsQLOL: wow gj monkey teaM!!!!!!! ShadowsQLOL: zac? ShadowsQLOL: you good ShadowsQLOL: ? ShadowsQLOL: they dont get uit ShadowsQLOL: your fck dead' ShadowsQLOL: give yup! ShadowsQLOL: CY@ ShadowsQLOL: who cares ShadowsQLOL: we got you ShadowsQLOL: wurf ShadowsQLOL: im bronze ShadowsQLOL: and in bronze only kills count ShadowsQLOL: ik ShadowsQLOL: you 0 too ShadowsQLOL: LMAO ShadowsQLOL: LMAO ShadowsQLOL: LMAO ShadowsQLOL: LMAO ShadowsQLOL: LMAO ShadowsQLOL: k ShadowsQLOL: well ShadowsQLOL: you just flamed ShadowsQLOL: xD ShadowsQLOL: wurf ShadowsQLOL: xD ShadowsQLOL: all mid ShadowsQLOL: get all inhibs ShadowsQLOL: because i got bot ShadowsQLOL: you f ShadowsQLOL: now all inhibs are open ShadowsQLOL: its free ShadowsQLOL: its k ShadowsQLOL: faster this way ShadowsQLOL: wait vayne ShadowsQLOL: if possiblke ShadowsQLOL: lmao ShadowsQLOL: CC ShadowsQLOL: vayne going mele form xD ShadowsQLOL: lmao ShadowsQLOL: we just lost ShadowsQLOL: GW! ShadowsQLOL: well ShadowsQLOL: i was mid ShadowsQLOL: lmao ShadowsQLOL: you dont see me ShadowsQLOL: im at red ShadowsQLOL: you blind %%%% ShadowsQLOL: so i was there ShadowsQLOL: you f ShadowsQLOL: we should backdoor all inhibs ShadowsQLOL: all top! ShadowsQLOL: all top ShadowsQLOL: baron ShadowsQLOL: baron spawn ShadowsQLOL: all top ShadowsQLOL: gw! ShadowsQLOL: wait me! ShadowsQLOL: reset! ShadowsQLOL: drag ShadowsQLOL: drag ShadowsQLOL: vayne.................. ShadowsQLOL: im running it down! ShadowsQLOL: lucian ShadowsQLOL: you cant carry re ShadowsQLOL: you cant carry %%%%%%s ShadowsQLOL: GG WP ShadowsQLOL: wow ShadowsQLOL: lmao ShadowsQLOL: lmao Btw in this game me and lulu were talking in discord so it was more like a joke. I dont think i desserv a 14 day ban for this. I know that rito cant unban me plus i lost my hextech craft. I only want to know your opinion on this, did i deserve a 14 day ban for this?
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