Reflecting back on bad times. Constructive Criticism and Opinions Please :)

**This is not a QQ post or a Crying post.** So below I will post the chat log from my last match. Which was the last nail in the coffin of this old account. Happened at the start of season 6. Now I'm not here to cry or QQ. **I've accepted the outcome and that I fucked up and moved on with a much better attitude towards playing league.** The reason I've made this post is because I've seen a lot of you eager to see chat logs from games when I've looked at posts of people moaning about a char restrictions or ban but never show them. I'm going to be 100% honest with you and have nothing to hide. I'm almost 25, not going to type a fairy tale. last year I knew changes were coming to the tribunal but never thought to check them out. Unsuspecting to me and my old attitude of fighting back, and the occasional outburst. My account was heading to it's end, and in the 3 years I played I never used the forums(Boards) never felt the need to even check them out. After my 14 day ban ended. I didn't expect things to end as fast as they did. Now to some of you judgemental types, oh you probably deserved it etc.... I admit my in game attitude was shocking before I got the 14 day suspension. If someone flamed at me I snapped back. I didn't go round playing matches with the intent to cause a negative atmosphere. This could even a be a warning post to those that do still outburst in games, or you're having a bad game and want to type back. So this is the scenario! Second game of the day, feeling pretty good. Been using mute button in previous games, my new approach to league was working. Have a bad game - take a break etc... But I knew in a couple previous game I had a couple outbursts and felt bad for it. The only downfall to these chatlogs is they appear one sided by only showing what you've said. But I'm not making up what happened. I'm jungle - Sejuani. Start of the game is pretty well. we communicated great in champ select and towards minions spawning. So after a little encounter with enemy rengar in river. Things go down hill. Mid is having a bad game and getting frustrated and blaming me for everything going wrong. One thing that annoyed me when that happened was our mid laner was never warding and when ever she died due to a gank it was somehow my fault. Then as that's happening mid. Bot is also having a bad game and decide to take it out on me. Blaming me when they hardly ward to counter rengar playing peekaboo. So bot lane is raging at me when i'm over the other side of the map getting red buff. I had muted mid then umuted mid later on. It felt as if the whole team was against me, Even top joined in to throw abuse at me. Getting defensive I did the wrong thing and fought back. After the match I got for a smoke, and came back to permanent suspension. ghost is good for engaging just make sure leo has sweeper for teamfights when you see rengar ulti use sweeper peekaboo rengar 4 in a row missed ahahahahaha - banter with enemy rengar when he tried ebola striking me 4 times :D it's ranked ward ffs enjoy the mute <3 garbage elo moan more rengar level 6 you don't use pinks or ward the lane brushes yes an you have all lacked vision when you push or you don't ward so he sneaks in the lane brushes pro ss from mid to as lux appeared that's the problem with this elo you don't watch the map you don't ward you blame the jungler troll more mid useless garbage bag report this team tbh toxic bunch of assbags they die an it's my fault apparently Now i apparently threw the match <3 troll dude just a troll you get hit by loads of lux shots you need the oracle sweeper to counter rengar jumps we need everyone to use wards........... told you i'm done with you your flaming an negative atittude has pissed me off how hard is it to just play safe an focus farm dodge engages etc nope my bad it's my fault x9 the flamer ahri..... tbh i said ban rengar an you chose graves leo ulti maybe you've not used it once it's not because i can see the green circle lit up over your portrait lying doesn't help you it was up way before you died dude you should maybe you wouldn't of lost bot ofc look at the wards on the map protect ez an we are good ult not used by her again she's a troll ''cd'' my ass man that's what the circle is for over your portrait I know it can be hard not to get frustrated in scenarios like this, especially when you just want to progress up the ranked ladder. As stated at the start. I'm not crying about this, I'm not moaning about this. I've Accepted the decision they made was fair, even though I was slowly improving myself, I did it to late. And it was my own fault. But yeah opinions and comments are welcome <3

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