Talking back is punishable?

Recently finished a match wich 3 out of 4 of my allyes were flaming me from really early game. My suport refused to help me defend in lane becus I tild him that another rune choice would be better for the match, and its only natural when a group of peepole attack you personally be it verbally or pysically its natural to attack them back in same manner's. whyel I got a chat restriction for talking back against 3 players flaming me on the team but got no report feedback on the report's I sent on them, and thay were calling me and the other one that did not flame %%%%%% and such whyel I was just saying that thay there build is not good, and more pointing on there flaws in game. is it normal for me to get the chat restriction and thay get away free load becus thay were many reporting one?
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