Just got Permabanned, Just for 1 Game...

So I had 2 of chat bans around a few months ago and from then I've been a positive player, and was dishonourable for a while but broke out due to the amount of honors I was getting, and today I play 5 games, and In one game my enemy laner yasuo decides to constantly BM me for the entire game with his premade team, so I ignored at first, but it really pissed me off so I replied but I wasn't toxic to any level, but rather telling him to stop or ill report him and so on, and then he goes " enjoy your 5 people report" and the rest of his team type yeah, and we carry on and game ends, I finish and I'm Perma banned, soon after he added me and sent hate speech with racist comments to me that I take great offense to, firstly I find this unfair that I would get perma banned just because of one game, and the league client only could reference 1 game..... I would be glad if someone can look into this in any way, and secondly any attempt at checking the Yasuo chatlog of how disgustingly he spoke should land him in an instant ban, you can access my account and check the private messages he sent me or check his last games chatlog, Thank you.
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