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Greetings, i'm here because of the recent discussions that came from this post and posts like this one (there are more lurking in the boards, this is just the most recent) I wanted to ask every player with some decency to actually step up and stand your ground. Given what Eambo said in the first post, Riot has been feeding us a lie for years about the report system, since he stated that telling someone to kill themselves is not "an instant 14 days suspension" but "a red flag" and given what posts like the second one show, the automatic response system isn't working like intended. Basically, i'm making this post to encourage every player to make their voice known and, together, ask Riot to: 1) Release a DETAILED F.A.Q. about reportable behaviour and punishments, explain and update the report system, handle things like trolling in a more competent way (by having the support team actually DO something for once) and notify players EVERY time a report is successful or a ticket results in a ban/punishment -OR- bring back a tribunal, even if that meant a slower justice (and having inters and flamers around for a few more months before a ban) at least people who are innocent and are just "having a bad day" will be left alone. **EDIT: i've been thinking it over (and reading the comments) yeah, i agree, explaining everything would make things worse but the fact still remains: reports and punishments are inconsistent so a revamped report system (more categories and 100% feedback on reports) or even a "send to support for scrutiny" option (for those cases where a teammate trolled/sabotaged the game but didn't say or do anything a bot would recognize as bannable) should be implemented** 2) Release a comprehensive guide that explains the EXACT amount of CS, KDA and vision to get a specific grade; no more "you are being compared to other players for your grade" (i'm sorry but i'm not trusting Riot anymore on this) and if they keep insisting on "comparing us" then they should show us what those fantomatic "other players" did better. **EDIT: i honestly don't see what Riot has to lose by being more straightforward with grades, we are already limited to 1 chest per champion per season and 4 chests a month, most games are ruined by laners who storm jungle camps because "i need more CS for my S" without even knowing if that is the case or not, leaving the jungler without a source of gold to get items (or forcing him to venture in a lane or the enemy jungle to finish his build). another thing they should do that i forgot to add in the first draft of this is to swap the importance of CS and vision, making vision count more (placing wards well is more important that having X-hundred CS after X minutes IMO)** 3) Add an "experience bar" under the honor icon, showing the PROGRESS BETWEEN CHECKPOINTS, make all honor worth the same (no reason why a shotcaller should be worth more of a tiltproof) and add some sort of recognition for players that have more of a certain honor (like a little icon to show that the player in question has received mainly "great shotcaller" honors and so on). **EDIT: Some summoners brought up this point and asked where did i read that different honors have different values, well, i remember green/red names saying that "an experience bar isn't a thing we want to add because that way you would figure out the best way to farm honor" which is BS if you ask me, but anyway, i added that distinction in the off-chance that was true** In short, i'm asking for TRANSPARENCY. Sincerely, A player
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