im sorry but this is no reason for a permanent ban

Game 1 In-Game RicardoMega: this fizz RicardoMega: is called RicardoMega: fizz RicardoMega: why not RicardoMega: yup RicardoMega: no f mid RicardoMega: ? RicardoMega: wtf u want RicardoMega: eve RicardoMega: fking wake RicardoMega: u RicardoMega: up RicardoMega: tunnel vision RicardoMega: holy shit RicardoMega: stop what RicardoMega: u ping me like i could something more RicardoMega: DUDE RicardoMega: STOP FORCING RicardoMega: TOP RicardoMega: lets ff RicardoMega: idc RicardoMega: yall trolling RicardoMega: lux? RicardoMega: cause she was 1 hp? RicardoMega: why lux*? RicardoMega: all muted RicardoMega: stay trolling idc RicardoMega: 0 pressence RicardoMega: after zhonyas RicardoMega: we can0t RicardoMega: a jgl who doesnt gank RicardoMega: ? RicardoMega: its a lie? RicardoMega: after zhonyas we can0t kill fizz RicardoMega: its true RicardoMega: true RicardoMega: no ganks RicardoMega: before zhonyas RicardoMega: even after i asked RicardoMega: while lee ganked 4 times RicardoMega: sad RicardoMega: gank before fizz gets zhonyas RicardoMega: i hope i diddnt ofend anyone RicardoMega: idc i got 0 help RicardoMega: even after i just asked RicardoMega: after lee ganked RicardoMega: still RicardoMega: no help RicardoMega: for not having a good game? RicardoMega: fc RicardoMega: yup RicardoMega: report her plz super toxic RicardoMega: this dude is toxic and the ones who need to get reported are us lol RicardoMega: i just want to get out of this game RicardoMega: just report trist after finishing this plz ty RicardoMega: gg RicardoMega: report bot ty Post-Game RicardoMega: not a single gank while bot flames RicardoMega: wow
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