"Report noob"

Ok i've seen this happen all the time and i'm just wondering. Why doesn't some people understand what reports are for? I mean most used report reason is "Feeding" or "Noob". The report system is made to report players that break the rules of the game (kinda), not because they play bad. So why are people reporting other people for being bad? I understand that it's annyoing to lose a game because of a "Rengar main" but still. Riot already took the "unskilled" report reason away. So why are people now reporting bad players for trolling and intentional feeding? I think that nothing can be done to this situation (at least anything game changing). We can't control people but holy hell. If anyone has any ideas how to reduce this i'm open to ideas Welp, I'm done for now. Off i go~{{summoner:31}}
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