Very scientific study with very scientific results

Hey guys, I was bored so I hatched a little totally scientific set of stats: Probability of me letting you swap roles with me based on how you ask: "i'm going mid": 0% "let me mid": 0% "mid or feed": 0% "je vais mid lol": 0 baguette "%%%%ing %%%% i'm going mid": 0% "let me mid i'm smurfing": 0% "hey i can't play supp can i go mid": 1% "hey i can't play supp can i go mid plz": 5% "hey, could I please go mid?": 25% "hey, could I please go mid? if no it's ok": 40% "hey, would you be ok with me going mid, please?": 50% **Flies away scientifically**
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