I just wanna speak it out loud

Over past years of playing league of legends i realized i am just tiny sheep for riot.Riot feels like a great support staff that appreciate you.Thats not true Riot is not what it seems it is they are just betrayals nothing else many people are being punished for worst reason ever many people lose their money and fun + interest for league because they punish them for worst reasons.I know a friend who have been not once not twice but billion times disrepspected by others and he was silent they recieved no pusnishment for saying your adopted nothing worth shit or your %%%%ing braindead idiot just go die...and so on and on.He's really adopted so he got even more sad so RIOT IF YOU GOT SOMETHING BEETWEN YOUR BALLS SHOW THIS THREAD I WROTE TO ALL THE LEAGUE PLAYERS AND SEE WHO AGREES WITH ME.
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