how can 1 game have so bad playerbase riot ?

like really, played premades only mostly this past 2 years, with some solo or duo arams. and now that heimer got changed i tried out soloq and it's just so sad how bad this community can be in these games. flame. troll.trying to get ppl reported for no random reasons. When someone has problems in game, like my last game with ori mid she got killed so much so I offered to change lanes but she declines and dies more and starts flaming ppl. or you give ppl advice about certain items in matchups and they start flaming. muting teammates wont help too. and then they report for not communicating with team .... No matter how nice you try to be you get flamed and whatnot. In my opinion Riot should be much harder with bans. to anyone playing in soloq. and you manage to have ur will to play game again. I applaud you, got no idea how you do it.
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