Account perm banned after stolen

Alright let's jump straight onto it, account of mine which I've played on since season 2 (started slightly before Hecarim release) has been permanently banned by someone who stole the account. You can understand how valuable it is to me, all the event collectables (icons, victorious skins you know the drill) I've dedicated my time to collect. I spent crazy amounts of euros on the account to buy skins and champions. Money is money afterall it can be replaced, but the memories, tears, happiness and frustation this account held cannot be replaced and it really hurts that Riot supposedly cannot do anything to recover the account for me because there appereantly ain't enough proof to hold that the account was stolen while abusive text chat happened, as if completely different ip address, sudden HIGH drop on elo and attitude on matches. I've at most gotten one chat ban before and that was back when was the shenanigans where punishments weren't justified at all when bots did the punishing and there wasn't anyone reviewing your games chat log, hell had one mate of mine who just started the game have 500+ games chat bans just because he performed poorly on games and people reported him for various of the report opinions. Let's move to how this had happened and why I didn't do anything about it, it seems like someone had gotten access to my email which I had my account registered on, stupid me didn't know back then 2-step authenticator is a thing for email accounts, well he had forwarded all messages from riot games to thrash section so I didn't receive notification of someone trying to change password of my league account. I was having around 3 month break from league and decided to come back when nexus bliz was released, heard from all of my mates that it's amazing and stuff, tried to login to my account and couldn't get in and thought that I've forgot the password of my account, tried to perform password change and realised I received no email at all and then it came to me ah the account is stolen, I wasn't worried about it because I had no credit card information stored to the account and I give no %%%%s about my rank because I know I can climb it back relatively fast back. So from here I sent a account recovery request to Riot, they asked bunch of questions I answered and after 2-4 days I got a message that the account is banned and my ticket will be moved to other criteria, at this point I started being worried. Well I provided them as much information as I could and all I received was there's not enough evidence to point for account theft and that it wasn't me that got the account banned, then I tried to take it bit further and got slapped with straight forward "we will not remove the suspension" and some stuff saying that account sharing is against leagues tos, at this point I got really depressed and didn't know what to do and felt like a piece of me was forcefully ripped away. They also told me that it's my fault that my privacy wasn't safe enough to not protect the account against theft, that's basically same as someone breaking in to your apartment, trashing bunch of things and after that u get punished for it because u won't have jail kind-of protection on your house. This account kept me up during high school times when I was bullied through my school years and was really depressed, this game is which kept me connected to my old friends who now live on other side of the country. It kept me motivated to continue because I knew there was an activity I could disappear to and catch up with old friends of mine while playing a game. I know that sounds sad, but that's the reality I lived on. I don't know what I'm trying to accomplish with this post, get community behind my back, get riot to promt to get 2 step authenticator on your registered email address, or warn others of possible consequences of poor account security and how riot will not aid you if you happen to face same events as I did. All I got left to say is please, if you do not have 2 step authent on your registered email yet, setup it ASAP as it keeps everything related to that email of yours safe behind mobile authenticator during login. I also want to apologize for all the typos and miss spelling, I'm not good at writing a big wall of text and forming it properly and thank you for getting to the end, I'm honestly surprised if anyone got to the end without skipping big chunk of context I wrote down.

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