Is "GG" just an insult now?

OK, this is going to come across as pretty salty (because it is), but I just wanted to point something out. Played a rank solo game as sion top vs gragas, initially normal lane phase, nidalee ganks him and we get first blood, gragas then came back to lane farming as normal. I then killed him in a reasonably close 1v1. Gragas then begins to basically proxy farm and die a lot to me, and then afks. We then push their base pretty fast afterwards. We finish the game, and i say "gg" in all chat, which was the only thing i said in all chat all game, apart from saying that i would report the gragas for afk'ing. This was then supposedly taken as an insult by the enemy team, who then precede to report me, on the basis that it wasn't a good game. Has the community got to such a state that when someone says "gg" in a game with an afk or dc that its taken as a horrendous insult? True, it wasn't the best game, but I was under the impression that saying "gg" was more common courtesy/ general politeness? Or am i wrong here? EDIT: read through all your comments, and you are probably right, although we would have almost certainly won even if he hadnt gone afk. I have in the past just auto typed gg most of the time as a "handshake" after the game as people have mentioned. I think PaladinNO sums it up quite nicely tbh. I was just suprised saying gg in a 4v5 could be taken as "haha we owned your face" or something similar.
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