Don't Surrender - More reward! (Key/Key Fragment rewards)

I came to realise something as I was playing League today, as most players know, leaver buster and the report system is a big tool to help improve the community, however it can be easily exploited and dodged by using multiple accounts. Why not having something of greater reward for those that stay focused, vigilant and have great sense of sportsmanship. Of course, being so is a reward in itself, but it could make great difference to encourage unsporty players to stay focused no matter the outcome, and specifikly, to NOT surrender a game for instance, the less you try to surrender, the more reward you get. It is not entirely uncommon that players that get struggles early, can have a hard time staying focused, and especially when fellow teammembers start applying pressure about their performance. And inevitably, everbody might start spiraling into the same hole. So let's reward those that work on becoming stronger, of course the winning team would get the biggest reward, but how about those that struggled through flame, blame, and negativity, rose themselves against the odds, coming together and taking home the win, OR closely enough. Of course it will be difficult calculating out how exactly to reward because there are so many outcomes that can happen. But the basic idea is to reward those that were vigilant and working with their team in order to find a solution to bring home a win. In a way there could be a percentage reward system, starting at 150% extra reward of IP/exp etc, and it would decrease by 25% per surrender vote. Of course, this is just an example. But it doesn't seem encouraging enough to only have this reward system, so something more could be added. The hextech chests and keys seem to have become a big interest, therefore a first win of the day could include a whole Hextech key as a full reward, AND for those that did NOT surrender, could earn a key-fragment. Now there are things to be considered in order to avoid exploitation, being the timer counter. No reward given to early gameplay where there is missing players and surrender votes initiate. So pretty much same setup as now. Full fledged games will offer the real rewards. There should also be a warning for the one initiating surrender vote saying if they want to do it conciously with the aware of decrease in reward. It can also be initiated in two stages, without risking the reward boost and to see how fellow players are feeling about continueing the game. Stage one, the very first surrender suggestion, could be free of charge, but the following surrender votes being the real deal and will take off extra reward percentage and remove the key fragment reward. If anyone would exploit the surrender button, fellow teammembers can lock the person from initiating another surrender vote, and can be reported after the game for exploit, if so, the person will be temporarily locked from initiating surrenders for a couple of future games. Feel free to add in your own suggestions of how to consider a connection between more and better teamwork play and more awesome rewards!
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