A Rioter from Support created new rules to "justify" my undeserved ban.

(edit : dont read just the chatlogs and proceed in telling me that behavior is punishable. ik that but this is not what happened to me. You will understand if you read what i say to riot.support in the below screenshots.) The conversation with me and riot support : -ME: http://prntscr.com/ajg4np 1st chatlog : http://link.email.riotgames.com/YesConnect/HtmlMessagePreview?Ji4ptIIdVvyGJizHZtDMRTaZPGM0GvuiPqFK%2BldZGhk=.enc&msgVersion=web 2nd chatlog (the one i pasted in the ticket): http://prnt.sc/ahuia0 -RIOTER: http://prntscr.com/ajg70h -ME: then i copy pasted the same thing again because clearly he hadnt read what i said at all. He seemed to answer questions which i never had ask. -RIOTER: http://prntscr.com/ajg89x -ME: http://prntscr.com/ajg8fd -RIOTER: http://prntscr.com/ajg8yy and he just closed the request. From what i understood, he said that my behavior was so extreme that i instantly got 25 chat restricted games and 2 weeks ban within 24 hours for the same games. Which makes no sense. How can i be punished twice for the same chatlogs. Anyway, he never answered me that. Its like he was trying to avoid my point. Im am desperate. I feel like he wants to permaban me for no reason. Even if i w8 one more week and start playing again im sure i will get banned for chatlogs like that 2nd one which triggered my ban, and when i go to support about why i got perma banned they can as well say the same thing as now, that my behavior in the past was so extreme that the system escalated quickly and got me instantly perma banned. why is this happening to me. I feel like i need an irl lawyer about this case. I thought riot support treats you as their friend and innocent until proven guilty, but this "RISING BLADE" behavior "specialist" seems like he doesnt even care if i am innocent or not. I read somewhere there are 1/6000 false punishments. I am sure mine was one of them and i am also sure that this "RISING BLADE" has never exonerated any of those cases.
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