I was just permabanned and I don't think to deserve it.

I just got permabanned. I play league a lot, everyday, and i just played a soloQ game where I probably got reported by my whole team, and got banned right after it. My understanding is that they reported me and asked the enemy team to report me as well because they say I inted, I trolled and they lost the game because of me. I think I'm the victim here, I felt so harassed this game and so much toxicity was put on me for the whole game, I for sure responded to the insults but in a nice way, I didn't want to surrender because I was sure we could win, but the flaming towards me never stopped. It was an unlucky game, I won't lie to you, first of all I had on my fizz the wrong keystone, dark harvest instead of electrocute, in champ select I'm sure I clicked on electrocute but it didn't change (last game I played I was the jungler). So that's the first unfortunate thing, then we get invaded at 1minute into the game, and when I was at 1AA to death, their support flashed to AA me and kill me, and my screen froze for a sec and I coudlnt press E (fizz jump) to survive and not give first blood. All this unfortunate series of events as you could imagine, put the team in a bad mood. Here I'm gonna post the chat log and some comments in between to give context. only FIZZ pls: why do I have dark harvest? only FIZZ pls: wtf is this only FIZZ pls: it s the same page i use on fizz since preseason only FIZZ pls: electrocute >here i realize I got the wrong keystone only FIZZ pls: Wtf is that only FIZZ pls: my screen froze only FIZZ pls: when u flashed lmao couldnt E only FIZZ pls: and somehow I got dark harvest only FIZZ pls: for no reason only FIZZ pls: gg rito >here when they got first blood on me only FIZZ pls: next time dont go yolo when i m not still there only FIZZ pls: wait 3sec only FIZZ pls: =) >here telling our support to wait when I arrive in my gank bot to engage, he engaged too soon and died before I could get on enemies only FIZZ pls: 3sec only FIZZ pls: dive only FIZZ pls: karma only FIZZ pls: no flash only FIZZ pls: now only FIZZ pls: loil only FIZZ pls: go away thx only FIZZ pls: go farm >here our jungler was in my lane waiting for no reason, idk maybe he thought I could get ganked.. only FIZZ pls: i wrote to you and u didnt come buddy, i m gonna be fine 2v1 ;) only FIZZ pls: thxc only FIZZ pls: leave mid pls >here by ''wrote'' i meant ''pinged'', I knew I was gonna get ganked and pinged help, jungler didn't come, but came again mid when enemy recalled just to ''shove'' lane for no reason again, and I let him know that I can play 2v1 fine with fizz, so to PLEASE leave mid, and thanked him as well for the understanding. only FIZZ pls: no u are toxic only FIZZ pls: i said let me farm only FIZZ pls: ok muted only FIZZ pls: ten stop flaming me only FIZZ pls: i dont like flamers >here our jungler called me toxic out of the blue for saying ''leave mid pls'', and I responded that he is toxic for saying that. only FIZZ pls: dude i wont come anywhere until the toxicity stops only FIZZ pls: i didnt flame nobody, and I wont accept being flamed and insulted by jayce only FIZZ pls: i wont get trolled=) >here our toplaner kept pinging for help telling me something about roaming or ganking him I dont remember exactly only FIZZ pls: no ff, we scale >they were all crying in chat about surrender and I just said I dont wanna surrender because we scale better. only FIZZ pls: ? report this shyvana for insulting me hard whole game only FIZZ pls: u didnt? let me check chat history >shyvana just wrote in ALL chat to report me because I'm inting and trolling since first blood I gave (if you are wondering my score, I killed solo my midlaner then died once 2v1, so I was 1-1 in lane, final score was 7kill 10deaths (same deaths as our toplaner for example). And here notice the ''?'' at the start of my sentence, it was referring to shyvana asking to report me in all chat, so IN RESPONSE I said to report her instead for all this harassing on me, only FIZZ pls: ''stop being trash'' >this is a quote of one of the things shyvana said to me, as she said in /all chat that she never flamed me and I was lying. only FIZZ pls: you didnt? only FIZZ pls: ok so apparently in chat it s written you said that, let s see if riot sees it ;) only FIZZ pls: no ff only FIZZ pls: why am I talking?= cause i wanna win, so stop being toxic and we scale and win =) >here after I say no ff someone asked my why am I talking when they are basically losing because of me. only FIZZ pls: ok you guys are too toxic for me, gonna mute u for real, sorry, i triewd to be friendly but u wont stop flaming only FIZZ pls: ? > here insults and insults again to me, and finally I muted 2 of them. only FIZZ pls: when will you stop being toxic, my I ask? or you wanna get reported so badly my friend? only FIZZ pls: ''that fizz'' only FIZZ pls: is toxic > here the support starts flaming me, saying in /all chat ''that fizz'' after I died. only FIZZ pls: too busy flaming i guess xD > here a little bit before the game ended our adc asked why the jungler and the toplaner didn't react to something and I jokingly said that probably they are too busy flaming That's it. I didn't edit or cut out anything, so you can see the worse thing I said in this game probably was ''report xxxxx'' but I said it IN RESPONSE to someone saying it to me. It's like if someone says to me: you are dumb, and I respond: no you are dumber. How can it be my fault? I responded in the same manner to defend myself from a call in all chat to x9 me for absolutly no reason, because previous to that as you can read I flamed in no way possible. I got flamed so hard, I've been called trash for being 1-3 or 1-4 in score, they told me to change name (only fizz and I play basically only fizz) and shit like this for the whole game, when in reality if you look the scores we ALL SUCKED and enemy team was better, but yeah, let s flame the shit out the midlaner who by mistake got the wrong keystone and gave first blood... After playing this game for so much, being positive and trying to win EVERY GAME, cheering people up and telling flamers to stop flaming and focus on the game : I bet there are people on EUW in low Diamond that remember playing with me here on reddit, I play a lot and my name is easy to remember and I always go fizz mid, and 99% I'm sure they had a positive experience with me. That 1% are all the people that are really toxic and flamed me like in this game, and I responded like in this game. Finally why I came here with this? because I believe in riot, and being the system that perma bans you automatic, maybe with a review they can actually see that I don't absolutely deserve a perma ban in league. <<<<<<<<anyone on EUW in low Diamond elo that remembers me (my name is easy to remember and the champion I play is one) I bet can say I was positive in the game we played together>>>>>>>> Thank you for reading, and if the ban stays I'm gonna take it as a sign and finally stop with league and focus on other things, in that case it's been a great journey, it's a great game and have fun on the rift summoners!
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