Bronze/Silver elo...

So today i spectate my RL friend (who is bronze 1) playing few ranked games the last one was HORRIBLE and the way they end a game is just so unreal because they just need to finish the NEXUS (with the 2 towers) all the enemy team death timers were 40+sec BUT THEY WERE DOING DRAGON INSTEAD AND JUNGLE CAMPS!! WHAT THE? WHYYY?{{item:3902}} They could won the game already. But no ofcourse we need Baron! So they started it. And its so obvious, the jungler fail smited and they got aced. {{summoner:11}} And bum.. Lost. Like these matches aren't even new its just really weird why people REFUSE to take The Nexus!! So for the people who are reading this. Do you have the same in bronze or silver? Like it really makes no SENSE.
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