I got banned 3 years ago for this.

Hi guys, i really just want your opinion on this case. Notice English is not my first language. So plz no flame :D Context: So when i was 15 years old i was a raging kid. I was immature and very toxic. League of legends did ban me as they should. The only thing im sad about is that it was a permanant ban. My account that i had spend over 2500 dollars on was permanently banned. Im now nearly 19 years old, and i do not flame any guy that trolls or int feed. Im fully reformed and i have had my smurf since my main profile got banned years ago. I wrote to league support every year to get a glimse of hope that they would might unban me and give me an ekstra chance, unfortanently they wouldnt care and just say it will be remaned banned. I read that some people after 4 years got their account unbanned. Keep in mind i was a immature 15 years old kid that was placed in bronze, so i met alot of trolls. As you can see in game 1 log this garen was litterally following me in jungle taking my blue and stuff, just not fun to play with. I did ofc handled it wrongfully, because i was a immature kid. I can also share my mails with riot, if it has any interest. Logs: Game 1 In-Game Dolken2: garen Dolken2: garen Dolken2: pls Dolken2: ty Dolken2: ty Dolken2: garen Dolken2: watch out Dolken2: noobs Dolken2: wtf Dolken2: garen stop playing agresive Dolken2: you nob Dolken2: OMGH Dolken2: wtf Dolken2: noob Dolken2: see Dolken2: you suck Dolken2: no report you Dolken2: bot lane Dolken2: again Dolken2: hate Dolken2: solo Dolken2: que Dolken2: report garen Dolken2: no ss Dolken2: LOOK Dolken2: %%%% YOU BOT Dolken2: you are shit illaoi Dolken2: look top Dolken2: garen Dolken2: just surrender Dolken2: and report bot Dolken2: DONT Dolken2: take it Dolken2: %%%%%% Dolken2: you dont even use mana Dolken2: moron Dolken2: reported so hard Dolken2: illaoi Dolken2: you are useless Dolken2: why do you play this game? Dolken2: really Dolken2: HELp Dolken2: %%%%ING ILLAIO Dolken2: uninstall Dolken2: report illaoi Dolken2: pls Dolken2: and our botlane Dolken2: we will surrender Dolken2: illaoi Dolken2: stfu Dolken2: you are the worst player Dolken2: eu west Dolken2: illaio Dolken2: stfu Dolken2: poor kid Dolken2: report illaoi Dolken2: thx Dolken2: see told how bad you were last game Dolken2: play normal before ranked Dolken2: gg wp report illaoi. Dolken2: report lux and ezreal to Dolken2: yeas ashe Dolken2: finally some1 understand Dolken2: it Dolken2: think she is trolling Dolken2: ggwp Dolken2: repoprt Dolken2: Illa Game 2 In-Game Dolken2: hjahahahahha Dolken2: hhahaha moka Dolken2: haha Dolken2: so funny mate Dolken2: haha Dolken2: haha Dolken2: hahaha Dolken2: haha Dolken2: %%%%in kids Dolken2: noob Dolken2: quinn Dolken2: garen reported Dolken2: yes hahaha Dolken2: %%%%%%ed team Dolken2: haha Dolken2: nice mokas Dolken2: haaha Dolken2: haahaha Dolken2: ok Dolken2: no help Dolken2: report Dolken2: help me kids Dolken2: haahaha Dolken2: hhaha Dolken2: noobs Dolken2: reported garen Dolken2: no help Dolken2: haha Dolken2: hahahahah Dolken2: nice Dolken2: haha Dolken2: haahahah Dolken2: h Dolken2: h a Dolken2: haha sorry Dolken2: noob Dolken2: garen Dolken2: so bad quinn Dolken2: this team Dolken2: so bad Dolken2: i only carry Dolken2: pls report quinn Dolken2: cya Dolken2: useless anyway Dolken2: report Dolken2: thjis quinn Dolken2: kid Dolken2: report Dolken2: quinn Dolken2: report quinn Dolken2: thx Dolken2: gg
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