Toxic once, toxic forever and ever !

Hello, I have been toxic once. I dropped highly to Honor 0. Playing everyday and trying my best to correct my behavior, which i agree, was bad, i stopped being toxic. I did try my best to get back to Honor 2 and get eligible for Seasonal Rewards. And just like tobacco, the toxic behavior came back. Why ? Because i needed one whole month to reach the first checkpoint of Level 0. After that, i needed another whole month to reach the second checkpoint of Level 0. I mean, yeah, i was toxic. Getting banned from chat for 10 games was legitimate. Then, even when i tried to play everyday without flaming and being toxic to get my Honor back, i played two whole month to get rewarded with only "Second checkpoint of Level 0" and absolutely no "Key Fragment" for two whole months ? Of "%%%%ing" course, i would start getting back to toxicity. I tried for two whole month, and i only reached "Second checkpoint of the lowest level". Does that mean that i would need another 4 months to get back to Honor 2 (which is way too late for Seasonal Reward) ? Third checkpoint of Level 0 = 1 month From Level 0 to 1 = 1 month ? Three checkpoint Level 1 = 3 months From Level 1 to 2 = 1 month ? And anyway, today, i just got banned again for 10 games chat restriction. Back to square one. Level 0 - Dishonorable. After two months of try hard correct behavior. Since i needed two whole months to get to "Second checkpoint of Level 0", i won't make it in time for Seasonal Reward. So i hereby declare, that I, Chibi Shinigami, as a toxic player, will stop to try correcting my behavior as all the work i did was for nothing and that even if i tried again, i wouldn't make it in time unless Riot helps me back on track and assure that i can still make it (which will never happen as i did indeed get back to toxicity). I know that the sentence sounded conceited. I am a nobody. But i "declare" to emphasis that i don't give a shit anymore about the honor system as it is impossible to get back to Honor 2 (even Honor 1) before you get ban chat restricted again because toxic players tilted you unless Riot changes the system for a smoother and faster leveling up at lower level. I mean, we gain nothing from Honor Level 0 to Level 1. It took me two whole months to reach Checkpoint 2 of Level 0 while playing everyday. A boost from Honor Level 0 to Level 1 won't hurt. Then from Honor Level 1 to Level 2, we can still get Key Fragment, but less than normal. A boost smaller than the former one is more than welcomed here. No boost for higher levels, as the most honorable players, who got excellently rewarded, should be more rewarded than us, who fall to dishonor. Now, i would like to ask the community who got dishonorable like me about your own experiences and share them with me. 1. Where did you get after being dishonorable ? Level 0 or Level 1 ? (I mean, from where you started to climb back). 2. How much time did it take to climb ? If you got a rough estimation for each checkpoint and/or level, it would be the best. 3. Your actual Level of Honor and how much time it took you. 4. Your own impression about the actual system and your own comment. Example : "It is great as it is." ... "It takes too much time." ... "No, you are just a bad player." ... etc ... Chibi Shinigami PS : If you plan to bad mouth me in the comment, you can abstain. I know i did bad, since i got dishonored again. No need to add more as this lead nowhere. I am only interested in the feedback from the last paragraph.
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